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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In The Name of Good Blog Pics

Sorry guys, about the low quality pictures I’ve been using on my blog posts. They’re only taken using my camera phone of 1.3MP. The poor me haven’t got a digicam and I dread bringing one around. I have to agree that my candid pictures are also not that focused.

For example the recent hairstyle pics I put up. They happen to be too out of focus. Some are even blurry due to movements. Guess I should take another approach in capturing. Instead of candidly like that, I should talk these guys into posing for me.

Lets say you were one of them

Me : Hello, Sawasdee ka. Sabai dee rue?

You : Sawasdee (??? Do I know you????)

Me : Well, I’m Akira, I’m not a local. Your hairstyle (pointing at hair) is sui mak mak.
I like it very much.

I’m praying you’re being very pleased with this compliment.
You may then be thinking, (and so…???)

Me : Can I take a picture of your hairstyle and maybe write about it in my blog?

ME expecting to be rejected or maybe get a taste of your fist. At the same time, ME praying hard that you feel the honour. Seriously, I don’t know. I just hope I can get a good picture instead of taking stealthily like I’ve been doing.

I wonder how you guys out there take pictures of strangers for your blog posts. I mean do you guys ask for permission or simply take candidly. Have you ever gotten your subject staring at you displeasingly when you snap them without their consent? This, I believe is definitely not your idea of a good snapshot. Or worse, have you got any unpleasant encounter while snapping strangers? Incident like your target came up and talked you into deleting the pics or getting his members to ambush you or something.

Seriously, I really need to know you professionals camera man out there do it. Appreciate your valuable comments very much!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where Has the Thai Crop Hairstyle gone?

Have you ever known the Thai hairstyle? I mean the traditional ones? It looks some sort of an isolated bush on the head. Too bad I haven’t got a real picture of it here. Can the below compensate for it?

old hairstyle
It’s difficult to spot one of this these day. I happened to spot it once a while at the shopping mall. Apparently, school kids are still confined to this hairstyle.

What about these? It’s the trend now, isn’t it? The funky street style adopted from the Japanese culture, no?






These pics are takens as I was strolling in a shopping mall while I was in Bangkok. It’s a proof on how strong the Japanese culture has penetrated into Thailand. Tell me you have not noticed it before. Tell me I've enlightened you, ya. Drop me a comment to let me know.
Next, we will focus on Japanese restaurants in Thailand.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Flying Days

“The doors are closing. This aero train is departing”. Does this ring any bell in you?

This is one of the likes I enjoy traveling. While everyone is still tight in bed, I’ve arrived here at the KLIA at 5.10 a.m being among the travelers. Everytime I stepped out the taxi, I would feel a sense of exhilaration. Walking into the airport, it’s as if everyone here has not known it’s supposed to be bedtime as they seem to busily walk around lugging their loads.

Without any delay, I would directly check in and go through all the immigration procedures. Surprisingly, lately I haven’t got the dreaded molesting I used to have whenever I passed by the custom. I still don’t apprehend why while all my things have been on the conveyor, whatever metallic but still the scan made an alarm. Nothing’s changed since, and I used to think something on my ears, my wrist or my shoes(my pockets are always emptied) gave me away. What the heck? However, there goes, who cares when there are no longer molesting to endure.

I’m not sure if I’m too early being here but I simply like chilling out here at KLIA especially at one of the cafes. It’s not always one can be here at KLIA unless you’re flying though from the airport mag, I understand that they’re trying to change that mindset. They’re trying to promote the airport as a place to dine and shop and carry out corporate functions. Are you falling for it while you can do it easily at your city. I’m not sure, it’s up to you to decide. For example the tall Cappuccino I have with me costs me RM 11. Regulars will now this is a mark up price. Non-regulars do too as it doesn’t just apply to Starbucks but McD and many other food outlets here are selling at mark up prices. Nevertheless, it’s not always you could have multilingual aero train announcement ringing in your head every 5 minutes while you surf away at your favourite café enjoying a hot Cappuccino in the cool hours of the morning. On the other side of the glass to my right, I see lights glowing from the stalled planes..

Now, what’s wrong with the KLIA-internet connection? I just can’t log into the Wifi…
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