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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Simple Living: Sunday Breakfasts

Couldn't wait to dig in

Hello everyone, long abandoned blog, I know. I'll try to pick up writing again, as a creativity outlet and just simply to write things of interests. 

Now that travelling is only limited to the 14 days's annual leave in a year, I'm spending time doing many other interests I love when I'm feeling comfy in my sweet abode.

I've always loved exploring things in the kitchen, making something simple and enjoying that simple food. To me, it doesn't need to be difficult to whip up something tasty and healthy. One doesn't need to be a great cook. It just need a little bit of imagination on creating that great taste and texture. 

Lately, I've been addicted to my very own version of crispy open wrap. When it's open, it's not a wrap, actually. *chuckle* The ingredient may be commonly used in a vegetarian wrap but what is different in this is, it's crispy, as you tear and bite into the sheets and crispy fresh lettuce. Then, you have the egg yolk oozes into your mouth all it's goodness. There is also the caramelized onions, sweet spicy chilly sauce, sourish tang from the mustard and kick from ground black pepper. The addition of coriander adds citrusy taste to it. Ohhh la la! All these flaovours and textures blended in. What not to love about this. It's light, it's nearly oil-free, it's got all the carbo, protein, vitamins, fibre, that one needs to wake up to.

Settling on my stool at the kitchen counter, enjoying it with a hot flask of aromatic unsweetened coffee, with background acoustic musics playing,  ooo... what a beautiful life, a beautiful Sunday morning. 

I'm sure it is with you as well.  :)


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