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Monday, August 20, 2012

A.S's Top 20 Things To Do in NZ (revisited)

Following is a copy of this original list prepared for the 6 months Working Holidays in NZ last year. Hopefully, it gives you a rough idea of planning what to do while you're there so as you do not miss them. A.S knows the pain of arriving at a new city and then going, "Oh, I was there and I didn't do it!" or "Are you sure that I could have done it cheaper where I was?" or worse, when you're finally done and flew home, "What a waste, I didn't do it when I was in NZ."

Let's see how many 'YES!' now that she is done with NZ.

  1. Sky diving at Taupo - YES! Check this out.

  1. Bungy jumping at Queenstown - NOPE, but she did the cliff hanger swing at Taupo

  1. Zorbing at Rotorua - YES! Picture below.

  1. Camping in a motorhome at one of the National Parks in the South Island - YES, but in a car at Lake Tekapo

  1. Doing the 7hrs Tongariro Alpine Crossing at the Tongariro National Park - YES! Check this out.

  1. Experience the dairy farm life and try her hands on milking the cows - YES, it was a farm with 900 cows and thus, milking manually was out of the question.

  1. Kiwis/ Cherries/ Berries/ Nectarines picking or packing because they’re YUMMY! - Picking for own consumption, YES!

  1. Sheep shearing experience - Witnessed at The Agrodome in Rotorua.

  1. Swimming with the dolphins if there’s such a thing - Booked but missed, SOB!! 

  1. Sighting blue penguins and kiwi birds - YES, sighted the blue penguins at night. More in coming posts.

  1. Whale watching at Kaikoura - YES! It was awesome. Video to come.

  1. Trying the Maori ‘Hangi’ Meal at Rotorua - Could imagine the taste.

  1. Visiting live volcanoes in Rotorua and soaking in the geothermal pools - YES! Check this out.

  1. Skiing experience - DONE at Snow Planet, an indoor skiing centre at north of Auckland 

  1. Surfing experience at one of the many beaches, probably Raglan - Windsurfing in Napier. Picture below.

  1. Hitchhiking experience YES, a bit and people were so kind. Yet, read A.S's tips to staying safe.

  1. Abseiling at the Waitomo Caves - YES, it was fun! Check this out!

  1. Improving tennis skills Took some lessons in Hamilton.

  1. Visiting the local Toastmaster Clubs Visited a few NZ clubs in North and South Islands.

  1. Car Transfer at the more scenic South Island ( it gives an opportunity to drive and explore NZ without buying a car) - Shared an overnight car ride, instead.

Unplanned Extras

21. Okareka Estate Adventures

22. Lake Taupo on a cruise

23. Indoor Wall Climbing in Wellington

A.S was here windsurfing on a rainy day.
*Pic courtesy of Pandora Kayaks in Napier*

Zorbing - checked!

Stayed for hours and felt the sore in the next few days.

*A.S's current location*
Day/ Date: Mon/ Aug 20th, 2012

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