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Thursday, November 1, 2012

NZ: Bad Beginning to a New Year

A.S opened her eyes. Yes, she was to go across to South Island today. Next to her was her German roommate still sound asleep. Reaching for her phone, looking into it, she could not believe her eyes. It was 15 minutes to 8.30 a.m. Normally it did not mean anything but, TODAY, Jan 1st, 2012, at 8.30 a.m, is her boarding time!!! OMG OMG OMG..! She was not going to make it! She knew it. But, she had to, no matter what!!

Scrambling out of the bed, and as she gathered her things together, she blamed herself. Why didn’t she pack them yesterday?! She was part of the in-house new year countdown party last night, but she did  not remember counting any down. Why, and how did she doze off into bed just like that? Not even her alarm was set! “How stupid when you knew you’ll have an early morning the next day. You wanted to leave the house at 7am and now what, it’s 8.15 a.m you woke up to!!”

True enough, getting a taxi on the first day of the year was totally out of the question. She didn’t make it. There was a huge feeling of remorse. At least, she could heave a sigh of relief when she found out later that she could board a later ferry at no extra charge. So, it went well after all …. to just getting across the straits to Picton Harbour, the gateway into South Island.

Arriving at 5p.m, it was considered early to get a ride but again, the first day of 2012 did not treat her well. She had no luck with the 2 hours’ ride to Kaikoura that same evening. It got dark and she thought to herself, ‘Well..well, is this what the coming 2 months in South Island is going to be?”  It seemed to her that South Island especially here in Picton was so much less populated compared to the North Island which she’d spent the last 4 months in, and getting a ride was just downright pathetic. There was no time for self pity. So, she spent an unplanned night in Picton. The hostel was pretty good, though.

She had to get to Kaikoura by 5.30am the next morning. There was no way it was going to be possible. It’s going to be a  2 hours’ drive from Picton and that meant leaving Picton at 3am?? She had no car and had no one to rely on for transportation. No way!! Argghhh!!! Dang!

The next morning, after 2 rides, first with a Korean driver with 2 other Israeli and the next ride, with a pair of young Asian-Kiwi couple, she finally arrived at the lovely coastal town of Kaikoura at 1pm. She had missed her long awaited  booked activity…. SOB BIG TIME!!!! Dashed was her dream to swim with the school of dolphins!! SOB BIG TIME!!! WAHHH!!! No refunds too!!

Unwilling to give up, she signed up for an alternative activity with Encounter Kaikoura.
Unfortunately, no more dolphins dream, this time, but …. (up next, a post with an exciting video clip…)

There was supposed to be something on for the countdown last night...

Too late to save the earlier ferry departure.
Killing time here as A.S spent her last few hours in
Wellington, North Island.Coffee and many reminiscences till 1pm before walking to the harbour.
What a quiet NZ capital on a morning of the new year.

Tired of the inside..
It's time to join others for the sights, sounds, breeze, and fresh air.

Finally arrived, err.. to a small harbour in Picton town.
So many people and so many cars, and yet, they were either fully
occupied or  none were heading her way.

Upon arrival in Kaikoura, came right here only to confirm bad news.

*A.S's current location*
Day/ Date: Thu/ Nov 1st, 2012

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