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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello World

As I was thinking of ways to make more friends online, sharing interests and chatting at real time, I started to wonder if the IRC made popular back during high school days still exists. So, I searched and bam!

I'm in a mission to make friends online apart from making my blog a platform. I'm going social networking around the world. hahaha...chatting at MIRC, corresponding with fellow readers, signing up to blog networking sites, etc, etc.

Ok, I'm heading off to Bangkok again tomorrow. Can't think of what to write but of my packing list.

Tschuss and happy weekends to all!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pathetic, I know

It was a Saturday. I'm stucked up. I'm stucked up by myself away from home. I woke up with my laptop next to me. Switched it on, surfed the net. Time passes me by..

I was here yesterday in the room, surfing from webpage to webpage as I desired. Reading up on travel blogs to NZ, taking a video peek of how it looks like driving on NZ streets, caught up with a friend at IM. Then, I thought, I'was not to spend my weekends without a plan. I've got too much in mind, too much to organize, too much to do before my next working trip to BKK. I even brought a big pile of work docs home. Well, I penned a long list of to-dos which also includes a workout in the pool and a practice on my tennis service. Well, i definitely have missed the service for I planned to do it before sunrise today.

It's fine if I'm stucked up without going out the whole day. However, it sucks to be only confining myself in the room without the availability of a working desk, without the familiar voice at home and without food being served..no..I don't fancy the regular rice&dish, should say without even the constant supply of fruits all cut nicely in the fridge.

On the other hand, it means lotsa freedom, no constant nagging, no asking to 'eat, eat, eat' as if I'm not fat enough. I have total freedom to eat what I want, when I want without having to oblige anybody.

AkiraSabine's Saturday accompaniments as follows:-

Image008 Image004 Image005
In my quest to my weight target by year end.

Image009 Image010
A book I rented just last Monday in case my neighbour does not keep his wifi on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tennis, anyone?

Every morning when I rush to work. I pass you by.
Every evening, when I return from work, I look your side, you're still the same as I saw you earlier.
Day after day, you're faithfully there giving your service.
Bleak as always welcoming me to your side.
I know I shouldn't have neglected you for such a long time.
I still remember my main purpose of choosing to stay here, that's cos YOU're HERE!
You'd be the place I go to for my ups and downs.
You were the place where I promised to sweat all my frustrations out.


You're the place I where I want to improve my tennis skills.
You're the place where I want to get my bod toned.
Sorry, if you've been waiting...................
Sorry to keep you dissapointed..for instead of entering into you, I can only afford to take a glance and pass you by.
It's not that I don't appreciate your existence for me.
Like I said, you're the reason I moved in here.
I just don't ahve a partner.
How will I be a ble to play.
I don't have a partner who can play on weekend morning, who will be willing to play at 7.30am on a weekend morning?
I don't have a partner who plays tennis...who can at least return a ball like a beginner like me do.
I don't have a partner who's willing to drive over here to play, just like I'm not willing to drive far just to play.

So, please be patient as I search for a partner to play.
For now, I might practise my servis, what else can I do without a game partner?
Seriously, fellow friends, are you the one I'm looking for?
In the mean time, I can only satisfy myself with this.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Than Words (Acoustic Version)

Whenever I feel bored and needed to listen to something acoustic, I would go to YouTube and search for one. No doubt, anyone on YouTube can play better than me. Hell... when was the last time I even hold a guitar? (Mental flashbacks). Now. how do I finger simple E, D, G, C, A chords? (Mentally fingering...). Well, hopefully they're right. Will check my book again to confirm.

Anyhow, I found this video. Apparently, this guy's a celebrity at YouTube with millions of viewers. I intend to be his follower. Do check him out here! He's only 12!

He's one of the players who inspires me to pick up my guitar again, blow off the dusts, tune it up and play it like I used to. But hey, when will I get to his level???? I'm so envious!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Netbooks Craze

"It's a holiday. Any plans? Why aren't you going out? You know, very sien (bored) I see you like that. Day in day out at home." (Quoted exactly as it was said, in Malaysian English a.k.a Manglish). I've heard this lotsa times. Yeap, from my mom.

What to do? I just simply like doing my own things at my own free time. Where else to do it than at home. What else if not going online. I'm sure you guys will agree with me why most of our time is spent in front of the PC. It's not totally a waste of time for many reasons which I need not stress on much.

In fact, I'm contemplating if I should get a netbook. "Netbook, what's that? Do you mean notebook?" Nope, netbook is much smaller (8"-10" screen size) and lighter (less than 1kg to 1.2kg). It runs with Intel Atom Processor 1.6GHz, Linux or Win XP and not Vista would be preferable for quick boot-up time, RAM comes at 512MB to 1GB, storage up to 120GB depending on models, card readers, USB port and some come without a cooling fan which is a critical factor to consider. Battery cells ranges from 3 to 6 cells. Oh, by the way, it doesn't come with an optical drive. I guess that's another way of trimming the overall weight of this ultraportable PC. Basically it's targetting people who wants to stay connected whenever and wherever they are especially backpackers, who buys and bring around only mini sized toiletries, mini sized medications, 3 to 4 sets of light weight clothes, etc.

Basically, internet connection is essential for a netbook unless one stores movies in external drives. Once connected, one can do a lot from browsing, mail checking, chatting at IM, checking out videos, blogging to enjoying webradios and webTVs. As far as I know, currently we've got Lenovo S10, HP 2133, Acer Aspire One, Asus EEC PC900 and Wind Msi. However, I happened to obtain a brochure with one by Twinhead, if this is another option one wants to consider.

Finally, to go for one, Lenovo S10 would be the answer for me.
Do check it out.

You get the basic features of Lenovo? Now compare it with these here.
AAO, EECPC900, Wind MSI, HP2133 comparison

Now, you've watched both. Which would you pick if you were to get one?
I need somebody to tell me I've made the right choice!

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