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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sawasdee ka

Dear all,

Sawasdee ka.

Please find my explanation on my Missing In Action ka. As usual, I was away for 2 weeks again to Bangkok due to work commitments ka. I do enjoy the travelling as it's so cool being in the airport among the business travellers and bacpackers. I like the feeling of having a whole apartment to myself. Who wouldn't, right? I love the experience of hunting for new local delicacies, introducing myself to the rich flavour of Thai day after day. One thing I noticed, Thais love their food sweet. Something which I'd always perceived Malaysians to top the list. Thais add tablespoons of sugar to their Pad Thai and noodle soup, something I've always eaten savoury. I like the experience of being surrounded by not Malays, not Indians and not Chinese but the locals and their conversation some music I could pick and comprehend here and there. I like the idea of using body language to complement my limited vocabs and they just smiled and nod. I like taking pictures of the unfamiliars and whatever I personally find interesting.

Although i did not go anywhere for a holiday during the weekends, I was glad I made another visit to Chatuchak. This had been my third and like before, I only had time to hit the clothes store from noon till the closing hours at 6pm. The clothes here comprises of vast fashion designs at very low prices. One get what they pay for from very cheap lady sleeveless shirt for 39 Baht to one at 90Baht(which is still cheap). One disadvantage is the clothes might look good but you'll never know if they look good on you. This is more of a buy and move on place without fitting rooms. I bought a shirt but later found out there was some flaws to the workmanship. The front buttons were not aligned! Well, sometimes I just can't escape needle work. Aside from the many stalls, JJ also has a beautiful park to offer. Not only the locals, foreigners to the park took the opportunity to stroll and simply chill out at the park. As for me, I did some people watching, from passer-bys to flying pigeons, from napping picnickers to good looking farangs.

The weather in Bangkok had been chilly throughout the time I was there. It's something I have yet to experience in Malaysia. It kinda deterred me from having baths. I wished there was a higher temperature to the heater. People on the streets were wearing thick jackets and warm street food was simply a welcome comfort.

Dear all, I shall post some pictures I've taken in the past trips soon. Please forgive my inactiveness here ka. Jin jin seah jai ka. I look forward to seeing your feedback ka.

Krob khun mak ka.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is the gym for you?

I just got back from the apartment's gym. after spending some 40 mins there. Now, I've returned with some sweat around the neck area of my shirt, not very happy as I expected at least half part of my shirt wet. Probably this is due to the chilly weather in Bangkok in concurrence with winter time in the northern hemisphere.

Frankly speaking, I've never like hitting the gym. To me, it's like too rigid. A treadmill is meant for walking, a static bicycle for cycling, dumbell for lifting and other equipments used at it is designed for. Personnally, I prefer dancing where besides dance moves and poses, facial expression is also considered to judge a good dance performance. In addition, the fun and the diligence to improve the skill actually makes one forget that they're actually working out.

Well, today, I hit the gym as I am not signed up to any dance classes considering my work travelling commitments. I miss the dance class I used to sign up to. Anyhow, I'm not here to lament. I wonder if anyone out there is with me on going to the gym. Back home, I would instead go swimming, play a racquet game, do some house chores or anything else instead of hitting the gym(in fact, I'm not a member of one). I go swimming because I still strive to improve my butterfly stroke, tennis to improve my stroke & service in the game( I still can't consistently keep the ball low), house chores to ensure that at the end of the day, I feel accomplised as instead of an eyesore, the house looks cleaner and the gym, just to sweat? In my honest opinion, it's boring and it's like I'm counting each dumbell lifts, stretches and set a time to the machines. When all is done, I do sweat but my mood's not lifted.
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