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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Au Pair in USA - Ideal tutor and playmate for kids

I'm not good in front of camera and I can agree with you on that.
This video is meant to keep you informed of what I can deliver as your au pair.
I wish us a successful year together!
If registering with a USA agent gives you peace of mind, please drop me a comment below.

I have got my certificate of good conduct and I shall proceed with an agent.
I'd really love to hear from you.

Availability deadline is mid of May2010 but matching deadline is April 1st.

Currently, I have a profile at greataupair.com where you may find out more about me.

My locator ID is 1029295

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year?

It's the Chinese New Year celebration again! Guess though you're not a Chinese, you have known and seen a lot bout the celebration for instance the must-have lion dance, red packets, mandarin oranges and red fire crackers. You know what, I'm not sure bout you but I don't like to read long history of how a festival comes about. Neither do I like to read about the culture of the celebration though I'm in for cultural exchange. In fact, I'm still wondering if miracle is working for me to be an AP at the USA.

I like learning on different cultures by looking at pictures, do you too?

Among the cookies and 1 miserable mandarin orange

Cookies I've been feasting on for the past few days

MURUKKU - an Indian spicy snack my mom made. This is an example of the multicultural advantage we have in Malaysia.

Barbequed sweet meat - a symbol of the festival which normally we make as gifts for family and friends.

The basic alcoholic drink for adults.

Sorry, my relatives are shy. RED - the colour of CNY! It means prosperity and good luck which is the essence of the festival.

Most times, the basic drink is not enough. Even ladies drink a lil more to get in the festive mood.

The teens as usual were engaged with gadgets and games during the extended family get together

CNY does not go without at least a meal at the restaurant. Could you tell what makes this ambience feels so CNY mood?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nuffnang, Come On!

Hmm.. AkiraSabine wonders how you guys out there do it?

It seems to take her forever to get the figures up though having been with Nuffnang for 2 years.

"Why, oh why? Please... will you go up?! I want my first pay cheque too!"

Active commenting....................check

Regular updating........................check

Images and videos labelling........check

Connecting to other bloggers....check

What else ler, guys??

You've got your first, second..no already 5th pay cheque?

Please enlighten me!! Muacks!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekly Badminton Meet

This place also accommodates several futsal courts.

The place we normally go for our rendezvouz is just next to my workplace in PJ.

Location - excellent!
Time slot availability - excellent!
Players - great & excellent!
Price - FOC would be best!
Environment - Doink! I felt just like playing outdoor with the wind effect and the dim lights.

Whenever the shuttle hit the net... and doink!.. landed in AS's own court...
"Hey.. it's the wind!"

Whenever AS went for the kill and aik, watched the shuttle doink!.. beside her racquet..
"Hey, I aimed it right... it's the wind!"
Whenever the shuttle came to AS and she returned a full power lob shot but it ended midway at her opponent's...
"Hey, I did not return that for you to attack me!! It's the wind!"

Whenever the shuttle fell 'out' at her opponent's court...
"Hey, I did not hit that hard.. it's the ...!!!!!"
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