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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can I Play Like Him?

During times when I need to listen to soothing music without the voice, I turn to instumental tunes especially played with acoustic guitar. It's simply light to the ears and peaceful to the mind. It's also important that it's played well without abrupt pause here and there which beginners like me normally do due to mistakes and losing track of where we are in the piece. *LoL*

Thus listening and enjoying others at play is simply a welcome. I really envy this guy. He has got lotsa techniques resulting in the wonderful acoustic effect. It's really not easy to play fingerpicking style what not with such polished skills.

Needless to say more, hope you like it as much as I do!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heavenly Food

SUNDAY, 27 APR 2008

11.30 am : Stomach growling. Went hunting for food.

3.30 pm : Returned home. Yum, whacking time!

First and foremost, started off with the appetizer...Chukanan Mangoes!

Look, I purposely kept some flesh for you. Look, how juicy it is!

Next, milk + egg loaf. Not as soft as expected but still within minutes, I'd taken a few pieces. Tasted slightly sweet with subtle egg taste. Didn't taste any milk.

Vitamin and carbo aside, here comes the protein. Pistachios! Plant source protein minus the cholesterol, saturated fat and additional cooking oil. So healthy, you think so too?

Oh ya, nearly forgotten my favourite beverage. As you can see, I just bought a Riva Coffee, apparently a product of Brazil. Giving this brand my first try. Tasted immediately. In my opinion, the taste is similar to Nescafe Classic. However, this 100g costs about the price of 200g Nescafe refill pack. Wanna know how I make my coffee? Simple. 1 tsp coffee powder + 1.5 tsp creamer = bitter, not tasty but low cal. Once a while, I'll make it the easy way with Aik Cheong Premix White Coffee or sorts.

If you think I'm trying to save money. Not really. Here's my bills for this trip alone.

But why do I have such eating habits?

1. I like to think that I eat what I want, minus extra oil or any other stuffs I don't fancy but adds to my calorie intake in a conventional meal. (errmm.. ignore the chips)

2. I can eat by myself anytime & anywhere at my liking.

3. I can take half and leave half for my next hunger pang.

4. I don't have to go to crowded and stuffy coffeeshops for food.

5. I can choose to buy whichever brands under promotional prices.

6. Last but most importantly, I feel more satisfied (contented, not full) than after a meal outside.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Loss

I felt so thirsty but plain water was as usual not in mind. I reached for the fridge looking for chilled refreshing oranges. Sad.. nowhere to be found. Neither were presliced pineapples or mangoes. Any guavas to nibble? None. Any pickled 'kedondong'? Neh, too bad. Mom hadn't reloaded any.
Then, I stumbled upon this...a big juicy pomelo. "What a lucky day!" I thought. Yum, it's one of my all time favourite fruits. I'd gulp the whole thing up, no joke.
"Now, where's the knife? I shall slaughter this baby and bury my face in it."
If you've ever seen or removed the skin before, you'd know the civil way of doing it. But most times, i cut it into quarters just like oranges before removing the skin. Of course, some part of the flesh would be exposed. Seeing this, I'd tear it off and put it straight into my mouth. Fast and easy way to the purpose, huh?
"OK, knife..here I come with my precious."
"Euwww... why so slimy....something is wriggling on my finger."
" Euww.."
Puppp!! I dropped precious with a loud thud. Took a close scrutiny and ....
Sob... there went my refreshment. I was defeated by tiny creatures. How depressing... What to do, in the end just had to drink plain water.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog and Make Extra $

I may be considered new to the blogging world. You may simply judge from the amount of posts in this blog. Before this, I blogged on and off in my Friendster. That's more of the boring happenings in my life.

Eventually, I began to realize blogging can be anything besides a online diary. You may blog about your interests, yummy foods, celebs, your dissatisfaction...you rant and vent all your anger in your blog, you sell things, you narrate all about your travel experiences, etc. It's a site you call your exclusive own where you work on it from time to time. You welcome visitors, readers whom you don't first know and they like your blog, they think the two of you have the same wavelength. Exactly where I'm heading.... I don't wanna blog anything or everything in general. I'm going specifically into my interests bearing in mind that someone out there may stumble upon, share and enlightment me on our interests and WE CLICK!

I've been reading a food blog constantly for a while and the author is a homemaker. One of her posts says that blogging does not require one to have perfect writing skill. She's claim to work on hers wih just basic writing and photograpy skill. That struck me with "I can do that!" However, I'm not a great cook like her. "What should I write about then?" I thought for a long time before I realize I can share things I know well. Things I see it my way which usually does not concur with people around me.

What's more? One can generate income with their blogs! How great is that! I only see how it works after reading up and seeing proof of success. True enough, you earn without any initial fees required. You don't need to go for any trainings or sort or slave for anyone the conventional way. What you've gotta do is just write, garner traffic to your site and put up ads at your blog.

Once your blog passes a minimum limit of posts, you are welcomed to register your blog with PayPerPost(PPP). Once your blog is approved, you're open to many blog ads opportunities. Meaning, once you accept the offer, you are to write your post about the service/product as per the guidelines. Eventually, your pay as offered will go into your PayPal account.

This is my first offer and hence, I'm looking forward to my first payment. Can't wait. Hear from me in my coming posts!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Officially Unfit

Missed dance class yesterday, mood was lousy cause thumb was lousy. Woke up at 7 instead of 6am this morning to drop in to a clinic. Too bad, I haven't got a camera to capture the look of my thumb now. Silly me shut the door on my thumb last Friday. I was thinking of foregoing medical consultation and let it heal by itself. Apparently it doesn't seem that way. The bruise has eventually spread from the bottom to the entire nail bed over the days. Though the throbbing pain has gone, the swell still remains so much so that I can't bend/wriggle it.

Currently, I write like I never held a pen before. Starting the ignition of the car requires me to use my left thumb instead.

From the clinic, I was referred to a hospital for further checkup. Didn't know it's that serious."They might need to drain off the blood clot from your nail bed to reduce the swelling", I was told. Ok, that sounds pretty scarry knowing that my thumb will be anaesthetized and probably the nail removed in order to do that.

To cut the whole story short, I went to TDMC. Did an x-ray which confirms my initial thought that it was unnecessary, got my medicines and paid. Luckily I've foreseen the high charge considering it's a private hospital. Knowing my RM50++ wouldn't suffice, I withdrew another RM200. Sure enough, according to the receipt, RM98.20 for consultation, disposable(huh?), medicine, x-ray and admin fee. Some anti-swelling+painkiller alone already cost RM48.40. Definitely gotta claim them back. LoL.

For a temporary disfunctional right thumb, I was granted a 3 day's MC. Yay..but no yay thinking I'm gonna rot at home with no swim, no squash, no tennis, no reason to speak, no tv. Well, I'll laze on bed and go online 24/3. This blog needs my attention besides my Vietnamese endeavours. Sigh, I've got a tennis game this Sat.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting on Track

I'm playing tennis again and thus I think it's time I renew my shoes. The current's sole has cracked and is falling open. Now I'm thinking if I should simply get another pair of badminton shoes or tennis shoes. Both are suitable for court games. I wouldn't want to use my existing badminton shoes for both courts as the sole will wear off faster on tennis courts and gets too slippery for badminton courts.

I've surveyed and it seems that a pair of badminton shoes falls within RM 39.90 to RM 59.90 while a pair of Dunlop Tennis Shoes falls from RM59.90 to RM79.90. I don't need to see the percentage difference but they're out of my budget. During a sale, a pair of badminton shoes costed me only RM19.90. In fact, that's what I paid for my last new pair. Looks like I've gotta hang on for a while before I get a new pair for tennis.

Normally, tennis shoes come in white sole while badminton in yellow ocre (there are white as well). If you're familiar with the brands, you'll know right away Yonex, Carlston and Axel brands speak for badminton while Wilson and Dunlop for tennis.

At the same time, I'm also looking into overgrips. I've been getting blisters on my middle finger after a session of tennis/squash. Before playing squash, I'll normally wear a glove and tape the area. It does help. However, if I were to wear a glove for tennis, I can't be sure that my racquet will not fly off with the ball. I won't be able to grip it properly due to the increased diameter.

How about the balls? Shall I change them as well? Well..well.... I'll make do with what I have for the moment. I'll be darned if it flies out of sight with just a simple unprofessional hit.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Favourite Fish

One of my pastimes includes checking out "Ho Chiak" to drool over yummies featured in the programme. However, looking at this video, the food featured doesn't impress me at all.

I agree that the fish is fresh, exactly what I'm enjoying at home but salted fish prepared by just bbq-ing fish layered with salt? I can already imagine the natural taste of the fish will still be there with a slight salty taste. Other than that, what's so special about it? I can even prepare it by myself.

Another dish is the wrapped fish with sauce. That's another easy one. Just add the ginger, chillis, sauces, seasonings , etc and a bottle of chicken essence. Haha... a layman like me can even prepare...Again, what's so special?

Normally, I eat my steamed tilapia spicy. What I eat is not as simple as shown and thus I do not prepare them. LoL. My family has our tilapias either cooked in curry, assam or nyonya at our regular restaurants. My God, I'm already drooling right now. Definitely gotta satisfy my craving the next time I'm home. If it's not steamed, it's fried with what we call 'chai sek' style, a sweet sour lime sauce garnished with sliced onions, raw mangoes and parsley.

Or else, if we happen to throw bbq parties(which is very rare), mom will wrap the tilapia with her homemade tom yam sauce before it ends up on the grill. Once the foil's unwrapped, together with the steam, there goes the HMMMMMM......... *droolz again*

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rainy Tennis

Yesterday marks a memorable day to kickstart my tennis playing all over again. Apparently, I've found a new partner to play with. Someone I don't know and considering from his playing, we're on par. That makes good game partner. Nobody is at stress to play against the other or was it him giving me chances. I strongly don't think so.

Imagine playing under the heavier-than-drizzle rain for more than 40 minutes. Checked the time, we've played for an hour. Just nice. Returned home with clothes drenched in sweat and rain water, even in my shoes and socks. Felt soo good...yay yay... I'm playing tennis again. Too bad... no warm bath to pamper myself. Anyway..it was ok...hot coffee saved my day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekday Wander

So, I've made the move to take 2 days leave. 'What now?' I find myself asking. 'How shall I spend the 2 days' leaves?" Stay home...duh..and eventually end up binging??? Duh.. the thought of it makes me sick. Go out shopping?? I've been doing that over the weekends. I should be doing something different. Wha then? A trip to discover more of Malaysia? Having plans to Terengganu or Singapore but a bit lazy...considering the bad weather and preps to be done within this week for it. Then what?? Somewhere nearby? How about to Sunway Lagoon. heheh.. The fact that I don't even remember when the last time I went is enough to justify how many centuries I haven't been there. I wonder how it has turned out to be.

Ok, that's for Thur. What's for Fri? I've mistakenly thought the meeting I'm gonna have is this Fri. Apparently it's not. I should be there to learn the progress of the vendor's work considering my growing interests in the boilers system. Anyway, I still can follow up on the subsequent minutes. It's ok, I guess. In fact, my good colleague will brief me with his extra granny stories.

All in all, that's it for the coming week. Hopefully the training will kick-off the following week. No more delays please, I'm rotting. Well, headache...sign off now....taa....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Slow and Steady

I don't understand why the song title's called 'Cha Cha With Me' when you hear it repeatedly singing "Dance with me, dance with me, oh baby, dance with meeee..."

Tastefully danced, don't you think so? Line dancing is just simply easy and enjoyable without the needs to practise by yourself at home. If you were to browse other line dance videos, you'll notice my teacher's more spice up. I know, I know, in another word, I've got good taste.

I've always wondered where she uploads the videos she's so busy recording until last week when I asked her. That's good, I don't need to do it myself to share them here. Obviously she hasn't known but no harm, I'm helping to promote. LoL

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Peep Into Line Dance

Hey peeps, check out my teacher here dancing to "Not Like That". Yea babe, this is not your conventional boring line dance, it's a bit chicky+bitchy. And because of this, it's so cool. Her style is not merely focusing on steps but the whole body, yes.. lotsa hips movement, I know. You'll notice that line dance is actually very freestyle and easy to learn as the steps are repeated from wall to wall. I do not even need to practise at home, just attend class and refresh then and there the steps. Kinda fun besides getting to sweat and observe the chicky aunties.

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