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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weighty Probs

I'm watching too much TV. I'm sitting too much in the office, I'm feeding on way too much chips and I'm lazying too much at the apartment here in Bangkok. I desperately need to do some workout like I did back home.

I wish to swim. I wish to play tennis. I wish to play squash. I wish to shake, shake and sweat, sweat. I wish to tone up my sagging arms. I wish to maintain a flat abs( not thinking of a 6 packs though, that's a long way to go), I wish to firm up my butt a bit, I wish to remove the eye soring fats from my thighs. Urrgg there's so much .. to be done. I wish to remove some weight gained.

But then again, I've always been quite active but I don't understand the fat thighs. In fact, I notice most female swimmer have fat accumulated at their bottom half.

Maybe Fitness Diva can advice a lil on this? Why does this happen when they use a lot of leg muscles to swim?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Annoying Worm

Not again!! How did my PC pick up Trojan again?!!! I'm tired of reformatting and reinstalling every single program. Damn... I wish I could ignore this but my PC's damn lagging now. I believe my browser's tabs mysterious disappearance is also caused by it!

Hey you Trojan, you're damn annoying!!!! Bah!.. I'm away in Bangkok right now when this is published. I'll see what I can do with you when I return! I'm mad.. sooo sososo mad!!!! I can't be doing the reformatting every time I catch a worm like this.

How i wish I could get hold of you and cut you into pieces!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympic Spirit 1

So, the next thing I do..I press the remote control and the living hall turns silent. I crawl into my bed, set the alarm on my hp and sleep the remaining hours away. The teeth, face and lens will have to wait till I wake up again.

This is not an exaggeration. I can tell this as it has been repeatedly happening to me. What's really getting into me? I remember having praised by a visiting dentist to school on my clean teeth. She said I've looked after them very well at such a tender young age. Where have these basic lessons gone? The basic rules on brushing our teeth at least twice a day has now turned into only once. The more important one has been neglected, the one when the teeth is done eating. ISh ish ish....I'm self disgusted.

Hate it but really have to concede with my mom when she says..."Getting dirtier and lazier the older you grow".

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Spirit???

OK, it's the 14th day...oh...2 weeks have passed since the beginning of the prestigious Olympic Games and that left 2 more days to go. I foresee myself glued to the TV like the previous few evenings I'm here in Bangkok.

I should be feeding myself piece after piece of chips right from the bag. Having enough of saltiness, I foresee myself boiling some hot water for coffee. In between the hot sips, again I continue with my chips, not moving from my sit at all until my eyelids begins to drop. I force it to open and I stay up a while to check what's showing then. Ohh wow, rhythmic gymnastics, one of my favs!

I check my hp for the time. 01:30 and that would leave less than 6 hours for bed. Aww... get lost..I really don't want to miss this! Then, I continue watching...until the next thing I know, I open my eyes.. handphone(hp) shows 04:30am this time. I haven't brushed my teeth and washed my face. The TV's still switched on. Worse, I have slept with my lenses still on.

What do I do next??? I have only 1.5 hrs left before I wake up and face the world...*to be continued*

Monday, August 18, 2008

Self Pity

What would you do knowing you have a blog and it can't be left abandoned for the 3 weeks you're away? " Won't you have an internet connection then?" I hear you asking. I do, I sure do need a desktop for work at the office in Bangkok. Ironically, my boss will sit right behind me there. It's a temporary office and thus got no proper cubicles. You understand the situation well?

I wonder how life would be. Going back every evening to the rented apartment which is 40 minutes from Central Bangkok, thus the unavailability of the skyway train. After dinner, I would most probably be sitting right in front of the tv. Having no laptop would be like having lost touch with the world(more specifically the cyber world which I depend on so much!) and people back home. yeap... I'm self pitying here, really.(No shame at all..)

I'm gonna catch up on the Olympic Games, I think. That's basically the focus of everyone around the world now. Right, right, right?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Past Weeks in Thailand

Thailand is a next door neighbour to Malaysia. However, there are still minor differences I find interesting. I bet people found me 'suaku' (outdated or lost in development) when I took my camera out and snapped these. *LoL*
Could it be due to the blogger culture slowly getting it's significance in me? Is it the same with you?

A bigger version of 'tuk tuk' ? Captured at Rangsit, which is 30 minutes away from Central Bangkok.

Lazy Sunday at JJ park (also known as Chatuchak Park). Eyy... just picnicking.. never seen before???? *LoL*

The bigger one is actually a snakeskin fruit and the smaller one, I have no idea of its name. It's small, it's sour and has got tiny seeds. However, what I had here was preserved. I came to realize Thai love their food sweet(which is far too sweet for me). I've always thought they only fancy sour and spicy food like tom yum.
'Buah salak' in Malay or snakeskin fruit. I bought and tasted the fresh fruit itself and I love it! It's juicy and naturally sweet minus the extra sugar. Just becareful with the thorns on the skin. Picture extracted from www.ica.se/vardagshjalpen.com.

Baby clams with chilli paste? "Where are the clams?" I said aloud once I opened this packet.

Sticky rice with meat floss. Not good... floss' extra sweet without even a bit of spiciness. Proud to say Malaysian's meet floss tastes much better.

Meiji Yogurt with nata de coco. Yucks...sweet ...sweet sweet...couldn't get myself to finish it. Just fished out the nata de coco and ate.

At the national art gallery....

Sale.. sale.. outside the exit of Chatuchak Market. for THB20 per kilo. "lo la yee sib baht!" CHEAP! Took a mental note to buy after my shopping. Too bad when I returned, "Mai mee laew!" said the auntie hawker with a wide grin.

"Feed me, feed me, will somebody? I haven't had my breakfast!"

"Feed me!!! I can't sleep without my supper!"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Interests Adjusted

This blog was initiated to share my interests with people out there. Whoever drops in and finds it interesting will link to me and at the same time we can connect with common interests.

Lately, this is what I did. I haven't been swimming, playing tennis, has stopped line dancing class, and neither have I touched my badminton racquet for a long time. My guitar, it's been left dustying at the corner of my room back here at my family's home. So sad...I wonder if I still remember how to finger simple A, G, D and E chords. And if I did refresh, I hope I still remember how to strum my once practiced 'Better Man', 'I Believe I Can fly' and 'When You Say Nothing At All'.

Lately, I've been away to Bangkok and will do again for 3 weeks this coming Aug18. The apartment there was nice, it's serviced, air conditioned and I had it all to myself. The thing is I didn't feel connect to the world without a PC. That's so sad... Yeap, I'm self-pitying right now. My pastime for the last 2 weeks I was there was only the TV with which I caught the Tennis Masters Championship every night. It was a good one with unexpected results that I dozed off in front of the TV several times watching it past midnight. I would wake up and found myself still at the sofa past 3.30am and climbed to bed then. Got to wake up for office at 6.00am.

What I missed about my apartment back home in KL is the swimming pool where I do my butterfly(I aim to improve!), tennis court where I run and hit and the ball flies over the fence(sometimes!), squash court which I go down at 10.30 pm and play and sweat to my heart's content. The bleakness and emptiness of the court at this hour is eerie but full of solitude.

Thus, because all the above were unavailable when I was in Bangkok, I resolved to wandering and checking out my new environment. The Future Park Shopping Mall which is very huge served as our dinner hunting place. Just 4 days and we already had 3 meals of Japanese food. I never thought Japanese cuisine's such a hit in Thailand. They even have fastfood chain called 'Oishii Delivery' practising the same concept as 'Domino's Pizza' which we do not have in Malaysia. Food ordered are packed in nice soup containers or compartmented bento boxes to be delivered to consumers.

During the weekends, I took the local buses and BTS Skyway Train to MBK and Chatuchak from Rangsit. It's an experience by itself going there the hard way instead of a taxi. To me, travelling is not only about getting to a destination but the process itself should also be enjoyed. I asked fellow bystanders at the bus stands on the right bus to hire. Thank God they understood my limited Thai vocabs but several did speak good English as well. I also tried the public vans which apparently were more direct to the destination and it's more comfortable and fast at the same price of a bus's.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seeing Thai a Lil Different

Looks like busy time's coming up and I don't seem to have the time to sit down and think properly of what to write. You see, I don't wish to rant and I'm sure nobody enjoys reading it as well.

But yet, I'll keep thing simple and short here. Just had my work appraisal today and it's my first. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage the work expectations for the coming months but it's gonna be one hell of a tough time having to gather and compile info of machineries down to the make-up components. I don't dare to imagine anything now, just keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm more concerned of my annual leave. Haven't thought of a solution on how to clear my 17 days leave. I'm not sure if it's possible as I'm expected to be here in Bangkok for a while to get all these compilation and plant familiarization work done. Man, Can I do it?! I do hope for the best!

All in all, I'm looking forward to these exciting months, staying and working at a foreign land. Eating Thai , speaking Thai(lousy one), watching Thai, working with Thai, travel with local Thai, groceries shopping the Thai way(Tesco Lotus and Big C),also joining the Japanese food craze here. In short, experiencing the land of Thai!
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