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Friday, November 21, 2008

Take A Ride With Me

"Woo hooo...wow aaw...where are we heading , crossing the street? Woo... I see trees and bushes ahead of me. We are not going into the jungle, are we?" I thought to myself. The afternoon heat was penetrating my skin. Normally, I would immediately make use of an umbrella but now I couldn't be bothered with it although I was provided with one. My hands were too busy. "How should I capture this experience?" I asked myself.

At the background, this young guy in front of me wasn't silent. I couldn't figure out what he said as he was speaking in Thai. I even suspected he spoke some Jumbo language. This guy(they call the mahout) didn't seem to be happy with how his pet was following instructions. That's why the non-stop reprimanding. We went up a slope, went down it, back across the street and into the river and up. Then, I had the experience of riding off the chair to right behind the head which luckily the hair was removed. Take notice of the hair in my video below. I gave gentle kicks to the back of its ears but he sure didn't gave in to my command.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Erawan Waterfalls

Another post on my trip to Kanchanaburi...

This waterfalls is popular in Kanchanaburi. Apparently, it's not the only one around here as national parks are aplenty in this western Thai province. However, this is the most visited one around as it comprises of 7 tiers.

The video above shows the 7th tier behind the trees. Can you see it?? I hope so, I've tried magnifiying it for your better viewing. I did not join the 2 of my tourmates up there as I couldn't risk myself and my camera harrowing my way across the swift slippery path. Not even for the sake of taking better video for my blog. But as you see, it's quite an impressive high tier up there.

I thought I've arrived during the best season, which was during the rainy season when the falls claim to be more beautiful. However, when I went to book the day tour, I was actually advised to change my plans as the water was red. "Huh, what exactly does that mean??? the water RED??"" Well, muddy they explained due to the earth from the mountain. After some deep deliberation, I insisted on going as that's one of my to see list besides visiting the Tiger Temple.

So, what do you think of the water?? With moderate expectations in mind, it's still not that bad to me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wats Aside in Thailand

Hi all, I've returned from Thailand exactly last week. Sharing with you my adventure during my supposing working trip.
Here I am in a passenger truck having just arrived at Kanchanaburi town. The express bus from Bangkok took 2.5 hrs to this western province of Thailand.

The Maenam Kwae (River Kwai) Street with the most guesthouses in town. Besides that, along this street, you'll find convenience stores, local tour centres, internet cafes, bars and vehicle rental stores.

The Maenam Kwae where floating rafhouses and restaurants flock. Besides that, water activities such as the bamboo rafting, kayaking and elephant bathing takes place here. This picture was taken when I was on the bamboo raft. Encouraged to swim but I doubt the cleanliness. Looks kinda clear here though.

The bridge over the River Kwai near town. It's no ordinary bridge as it was built during the WWII when the Japanese invaded Thailand. Many prisoners and forced labourers died building this bridge. Before I went, I thought the history aside, nothing else spectacular about it but you've got to watch the video below.

Looks dangerous right, walking on the rail and sparing planks over the river and now there's a train on it. "What if someone is still on the railway track?" A fellow local traveller whom I spoke to told me the train stops. I see.....
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