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Monday, April 12, 2021

8/8 Gains From Toastmasters: Opportunity To Be Seen

This is the final, 8th of 8 sharings on why I like being a member of Toastmasters(TM).

I have asked around, among my fellow Toastmasters friends, and they shared the same observations.

“I feel more visible over social media after joining Toastmasters.”

“Well, I like it,” they added, when asked their opinions about the sudden activities on their social media page.

Don't worry. I have never had such intimidating numbers. :)

Being a member of Toastmasters International, attending the numerous meetings, workshops and trainings, it’s natural that photos will be taken and shared on social media. My social media was more about travel and some random thoughts. Ever since I joined TM, there was a spike of my presence online, being tagged whenever I’m in any of the Toastmasters, which in a way displays my activity aside from travel and random thoughts, something more professional.

It definitely feels good to belong to an international community engaging with Toastmasters from USA, Canada and Japan. So great!  Without traveling, we are connecting, interacting and listening to each other’s thoughts, across borders, across time zones, across cultures. Photos of us laughing and responding in our interactions alone speak so much.


I am glad to be part of this!  8 years and more to come.


Are you looking to have a livelier social media page that shares the professional side of you to future opportunities?


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‘Super Speakers Toastmasters Club’

This is my 8th gain as a member of Toastmasters. If you missed the earlier 7, check them out here.

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