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Saturday, July 19, 2008

More of Halong Bay

My young Vietnamese friends
Look how cooperative my young Vietnamese friends were. I even have a video of the girl introducing herself in my hp(3gpp format, unfortunately).

Ladies at Halong Bay

Beauties on the boat overlooking the awesome scenery. They must be wondering whether I was more interested in them than the scenery. *LoL* To justify myself, I would say both. It displays the actual scenario both on and around the boat on that day.

Mystical Halong Bay

Wow! Seriously, I'm pround of this! Selling for postcards printing, anyone?

Mystical, isn't it? We entered this secluded area and stayed for the night. Here's where we swam as well.

Neighbours at Halong Bay

It turned out that we had gotten ourselves stalkers that night. No worries, that's just our neighbours. We happily chatted away under the starry starry night at the top deck though only having met that morning.

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent my night at the top deck. Thus, I had the opportunity to capture this shot the instant dawn broke at 5.15 am.

Things I enjoyed from this tour:-

1) The awesome scenery, of course!

2) The people I came to know - Kiwis, Vietnamese, Austrians, Neatherlanders, Japanese and my New Yorker room mate.

3) The satisfaction of being able to practise my Deutsch and Nihongo at the same time.

4) The credits I got for my fluency in both was definitely a bonus! However, my reply was "Iie, ma ma desu" and "Nein, nicht gut, so la-la".

Things I would prefer it to improve:-

1) The food quality served. It was very plain dishes of stir fried veggies and plain fried fish.

2) Water was sold and not included throughout our 2D/1N stay on the boat. A can of coke for example was sold at USD 1 and a bottle of 500ml drinking water for VND 5000. To me, Malaysian standard... OK-la, but this price in Vietnam, pricey! You're confused with the currencies? That's exactly how confused I was during the trip having to interpret and justify the price in MYR as well(3 currencies involved). These Vietnamese prefer to quote in USD so as they can come out with their own exchange rate if we opted to pay in VND. I can still remember the expression on the seller's face when she calculated her earnings for that day.

3) The bad service of my tour guide and bus driver needs improvement! Having dropped others safely at the hostels, we(me and roomie) were left stranded on the street. I supposed he's not happy with our ratings on the feedback form. Fortunately, I had known my way a lil better from my streets wandering earlier.

4) The typical case with group tours where more time's wasted in unfathomable waiting instead of activities listed in the itinery.


The Fitness Diva said...

Wow! Sounds like one interesting trip! Definitely gives a good idea of what it would be like to travel there.
Kudos to you for getting to use your languages! I like to learn some of the language before I go to a place...helps me feel less like a tourist!
Yeah, that tour guide leaving you guys stranded was rude. You should give him a really bad, BAD review!

Nice pics!
You should join a blog networking site like blogcatalog.com so more people can see them!

Take care!

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi there Fitness Diva!

Thank you so much for a comment jampacked with compliments! Appreciate them very much!

Glad that this post gives you good idea about Hanoi. Oh yea, you think so about speaking their language too?! Cheers!

I know of a travelblog.org where travellers share thier travel stories. The downside is it's a public domain. Thus, no decisions on ads.

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