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Friday, May 8, 2009

This Is No Food Blog

To me, trying out local food is a must when I arrive at new places. Normally I would go for packet food which I can take away. As I normally buy by variety, I can't afford to finish everything in one go nor do I want to deprive myself of trying whichever captures my attention.

Here's a range of preserved junks. However, this didn't appeal to the junkie in me. So, I skipped.

Image000a ]
Looks nice? Tastes nice? You try and let me know. Does this resemble the Bratwursts in Germany?

Bakeries in Thailand seems pricier than in Malaysia. A piece of cake like these costed THB 30.

More sausages but this looks more like Chinese's 'lap cheung'(made of pork). There you have wrapped tightly in leaves are glutinuous rice with sweet taro/banana filling. Right in front is how Thai's like their mangoes, sour and crunchy to dip in spicy sauces.

This is not rafia strings you use to make your 'pom pom' for cheerleading.

Look how fine it is...

That's the night bazaar I got this from and right now, I'm enjoying my first bite while it's still hot.

See... I did not just pay for the batter. It's got filling. This is what they call Thai mini pancakes. It's creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The cream is made of thick coconut milk with a pinch of salt and the fillings are corns and spring onions.

Leaves you eat raw in Thailand. It's got strong pungent taste to it.

The colour here does not justify the taste. Sorry, as I only took it with my mobile phone. The filling is a great mixture of great ingredients namely, sugar caramel, chopped onions, raw mangoes, spicy tiny chillies, lemongrass, roasted peanuts, grated coconut and dried prawns.

Here're the pancakes again..brown on the bottom..

Roots has grown out of this fruit. It's a local Thai fruit normally processed into pebbles with coated sugar grain.

The seeds which are not supposed to go down your throat.

It is not we're hungry wolves but this noodle shop sells by multiple of 3 bowls which i don't understand why. However, the servings were smaller than what you normally have. You can easily clear each bowls with 2 gulps.


mhel said...

I've been to Bangkok twice already but I was not as lucky as you to have the time for food hunting.

Everything looks delicious.

LIZZIE said...

Hahahha.. Fong, you makan makan makan only ah you! Haha..

Johnny Ong said...

enjoy while u are there. its nice that u get the opportunity to take so many pics. at my place, its quite restricted

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Asian Traveler,
IC, will I didn't hunt for these food on purpose. They're just everywhere and I'm just curious to give them a try.
Thanks, glad that the picture quality hadn't put you off.

Lizzie... hahahha memang la..tak habis habis kan. hahahha They just are so nice and appetizinly spicy+sourish. But hey, I accumulated all these over several trips.

Hi Johnny,
Well, I don't get you when you said it's restricted. How restricted is that? Pictures of food....

Anonymous said...

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