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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wifi Hotspots for Cheapskates


What's in an airport without WiFi signals? This is the bare minimum to provide for business class travellers and of course you should not forget about budget travellers who wishes to pass their time connecting with the world while reading up and planning for their next destination.

Shopping mails

Yes, I've observed shopping malls going into this trend providing free Wifi both in KL (Sunway Pyramid and Bangkok (Rangsit Future Park Mall). Unfortunately, I wasn't handy with my netbook to try the signal.

Chic Cafes/ Restaurants

These comprise of cafes like Starbucks, Secret Recipes, Sushi King, Coffee Bean and the mushroomings less pricey Kopitiams, Station 1, Old Town White Coffee and the likes.

Fast Food restaurants

Well, besides exploring the 24 hours eating markets, the big bro like KFC and McD have now evolved into providing free Wifi. McD is also providing daily newpapers for the reading of it's customers as well as Plasma TVs airing ESPN or Star Sports channels. You'll see school teenagers making McD as their lepak places though it has already started during my time but the younger guys now are equipped with their Wifi enabled gadgets sitting for hours with homeworks and books occupying the tables(studing, so to say). I've also been to Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) and Korean BBQ Chicken and they too didn not fail me on free Wifi.


Which office doesn't come with one, right? So, instead of joining the office rush hours and get stucked in the traffic jam under the hot sun, why not stay put in the office? Did I ask you to work? Hell no, who would at this time, lets go surfing as the traffic eases itself up.


Oh yea, my home, I've successfully detected Wifi at my living from from some places nearby(who else if not neighbours, hehee).

Chinese Mamaks

Yes, my lateest discovery. Apparently, the Wifi they provide here is not even a crappy one, I haven't got any disconnections which I experienced at Old Town or McD and it's fairly speedy here, too. Oh yes. I love this discovery!! I'm sitting at the open air with my drinks. The giant TV is at an inclination 15 metres in front of me. I'm listening to A-mei singing and at the same time updating my long abandoned blog. kekeekkhe.. I'm loving it!! But, hey.. why am I feeling itchy??!! The hell to the mozzies, it's Moses Chan & coffee houses on TV now.


Johnny Ong said...

indian mamak with proper restaurants are putting up wifi too

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Yea... I knew of one too! Thanks for the input, Johnny and sorry for the late response.

Been on blogging holidays! hahaha

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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