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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekly Badminton Meet

This place also accommodates several futsal courts.

The place we normally go for our rendezvouz is just next to my workplace in PJ.

Location - excellent!
Time slot availability - excellent!
Players - great & excellent!
Price - FOC would be best!
Environment - Doink! I felt just like playing outdoor with the wind effect and the dim lights.

Whenever the shuttle hit the net... and doink!.. landed in AS's own court...
"Hey.. it's the wind!"

Whenever AS went for the kill and aik, watched the shuttle doink!.. beside her racquet..
"Hey, I aimed it right... it's the wind!"
Whenever the shuttle came to AS and she returned a full power lob shot but it ended midway at her opponent's...
"Hey, I did not return that for you to attack me!! It's the wind!"

Whenever the shuttle fell 'out' at her opponent's court...
"Hey, I did not hit that hard.. it's the ...!!!!!"

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