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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rainy Season in Bangkok

AS would like to bring your attention to this.

This is a common sight where AS has been staying in Bangkok. Everytime after a downpour, she would see this recurring at many locations on the streets. AS had to bear in mind not to walk too near to this side of the road if she did not wish to get bathed. Bangkok is famous with street vendors and this would mean they had to push their cart to a higher place. Even AS who likes savouring street food wouldn't have the appetite to buy seeing such sights. The water's always dark in colour and it could take days to subside. In fact, she also read in the local daily that water went up to knee level within minutes during heavy down pour at the famous Chatuchak Weekends Market.

1 comment:

dorothy said...

so u can catch fish there.

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