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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Story of A Young Chef

Hello peeps,

AkiraSabine(AS) is right now reporting from Seattle, Washington. Woohoo! Things have been great so far and today's the 4th day she's here after her 3 days in New Jersey. Yesterday was BBQ day with the host family and the extended family. AS is impressed with her host mom. She used to be a caterer, by the way and yesterday she saw her expertise put into use. Throwing a party to her seems to be just at her fingertips. We had salami with cheese, grilled lamb ribs and steaks, Italian-style baked cod fish, chips with separate salsa and lime avocado dip, corns, salad and not forgetting wine. Talk about super yummy dummy food!

AS thought her host kid's cute but his cousins are just as cute! But hey, her kiddo is no doubt still NUMMER EINS! Guess what he did today. A nine year old boy preparing breakfast for his mom on MOTHER'S DAY! AS's like so impressed with him and no wonder he's the pride of his mom! Hash brown for breakfast! That's what we had this morning!


Ken Wooi said...

chef-to-be! =)

Kelvin said...

I feel so guilty right now...haven't cook a meal for years for my mum:(

Kikey Loo said...

hey, akirasabian, u in States now, wish you good luck in your journey yah.

take care (^.^)

Lot of Love,

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

@ kenwooi: Yea, he sure is!
@ Kelvin: Frankly speaking, me too. Please remind me to cook for her when I return.
@ Kikey: Hey.. yeap, I'm here in States now. You've inspired me to do so! ;)

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