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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sights: Dairy Processing Plant

These are not exactly equipment to process the SCM featured in my previous post. AkiraSabine's intention here is just to briefly share typical sights in a dairy processing plant. Yes, let A.S bring you wandering not to another country but to the dairy processing plant. Becareful, do not touch everything you see! Surfaces could be as high as above 100++ degree Celcius. Or else, to save you, what she could do is direct you to a cold surface.

The sugar dissolving system comes with a heating element - Tubular Heat Exchanger(THE), pumps and monitoring instruments.

Respective utility supply pipings and product pipings both in-coming and out-going, as well as monitoring and control instruments.

The dry powder handling area where milk powder from each silos(upper powder holding tanks) are transferred and weighed according to formulations at the weighing hopper(lower tank).

These are Retort Sterilizers which operate in batches. Bottled/ Canned milk are stacked in crates before being pushed in for high temperature, high pressure processing to extend the shelf life of the milk. 

To a layman like AkiraSabine, she used to think the gigantic equipment/ tanks were moved into the factory on the ground. She sure was wrong. It went through the roof! Less obstruction.

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