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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NZ: Tramping at Redwood Park, Rotorua

It was an afternoon after visiting Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland (more in the next post) that A.S and fellow traveller friend went to Redwood Park to kill the other half of the day. The park was located closer to downtown Rotorua. Recalling now, this tramp dictated the beginning of a series of tramps/ hikes she had for the next 3 months of her time in NZ from just parks, to hills and mountains in National Parks. It was tiring and yet, fulfilling at the very same time.

So tall and yet so straight but not as dense as compared to rainforests in Malaysia.

A.S the dwarf?

If only she could get more shade and away from the sun.

A panoramic view would be better but can you see the steam in front, and the lake far beyond?  The steam came from the Geothermal Valley and the lake, Lake Rotorua.

Tramping mate was deep in thoughts.

Mate was good with explaining the many different vegetation in the park, i.e comparing the number of  pine needles in a leave unit among pine trees he'd seen in Europe, Scandinavia, South America and now NZ.
Then, suddenly, pointing to the plant above, he tested A.S with his limited English vocab, "What is this, you know?"
With no time at all, she replied, "Flower!!!"
They both burst out laughing.

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