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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prepare For The Worst

2 weeks back, AkiraSabine(A.S) decided to work on the video she promised to share with all of you. If you haven’t known which that is, read on here.

So, she hooked her external hard disk to her netbook and started assessing.

“The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”


She unhooked and tried hooking it back.

“The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”

 “What crap?” she thought.  “What have I done? “

It has been more than 2 stressful weekends and weekday nights too, after work that she tried every resources she could to salvage her data. It was more than 300 GB of data in the 500GB hard disk drive.
Yes, OMG, right?

She knows. You’re right. She should have had her precious files backed up right? She doesn’t mind losing the movie files, e-book files but NO, she can’t afford losing her pictures, videos and foreign music from her wanders of the last 2 years. Dang!!

The so-called computer service shops are no good at doing what they’re supposed to do. A.S doesn’t know how much effort he put in into salvaging her data but he said he found nothing. Or it may be the software he used was not doing the job but why couldn’t he try others she recommended. Didn’t have the license? Or didn’t want to entertain is more like it. As the external HDD is still under warranty, he offered to change into a new one.

“The data part, sorry, I’ve tried my best. If the data is so important that you need to see data recovery service, you may have to think twice. It will cost by thousands of Ringgit to recover a 500GB hard disk.
Anyways, upon own research together with advice from some techie friends and many hours of running nearly every software available, she bought a Data Rescue PC 3 but how on earth can Avira trace a TR Dropper in the installer file. She’s so going to return that product. Then, she found one which works reasonably well as it shows preview of her dear pictures and videos. Recover My Files, you’re a gem.  Finally, something that works!

At the point of typing, A.S is still spending her time recovering and transferring her files to a storage in another PC. What a time consuming job when you haven’t got enough hard disk space in the netbook and another 500GB handy.

Sorry that you have to listen to her rant in this post. This entire thing has been sucking a lot of her time and effort to the point that sometimes, she thought, is it worth crying over spilt milk or just let it be and be happy. This is really tiring and mind boggling especially when you’ve the computer running overnight to find out the next morning that those softwares are not retrieving anything and you got even more worried if it even damage the files further.

Enough of ranting. Happy to have settled upon something that works! Happy to pay for a software that works. She shall get another hard disk to back up all these files even though she’s not done editing and deleting bad pictures or videos.  This is a complete nightmare A.S does not want repeating. 

*A.S's current location*
Day/ Date: Sun/ Dec 9th, 2012

-A.S has been back in KL, Malaysia since Aug 16th, 2012 from a total of 3 months in Spain and then, Austria. Burdened with lots of thoughts, plans and to-dos, she'll still try her very best to keep this blog alive. Thank you so much for keeping up with her delays.

A.S appreciates you as an audience to her blog. It keeps her contented knowing she's not writing for herself. She welcomes you to drop in more often, share your thoughts and interact with her here at cyberspace. The posts may be a little behind but she promises to close the gap as much as she can, as she gets limited internet access and the time to update.

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