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Sunday, November 30, 2014

NZ South Island: 5 Highlights Of The Trip From Te Anau to Invercargill

A.S bade farewell with Dutch mate at Lake Manapouri as we continued our separate ways. He was heading back north while A.S south to Invercargill.

...with a short stretch along the coast offering views of the ocean.

5 Highlights of The Trip From Te Anau to Invercargill, the A.S version are..
  1. It's tough... but scenic.
  2. It's tough... but A.S met great people and had interesting conversations.
  3. It's tough... but it made her realize that if you're patient and you stayed positive, good things will happen.
  4. It's tough... as Invercargill, albeit is just the southernmost city of NZ South Island, and one of the southernmost city in the world, is still worth the 3 night's visit, simply because it's the southernmost city of NZ and serving as an important commercial centre for this region.
  5. It's tough... and still tough, and it made that trip memorable.

- the end of a 'very helpful' post-

"Interesting, A.S, soooo worth my time here."

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