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Friday, January 8, 2016

NZ Ashburton: CS-er Meets Help-Xer

When you are a host and you have a Help-Xer and CS-er at the same time.
It’s not easy to juggle.

If you haven't known, ...
A Help-Xer helps around your house for minimal hours in exchange for boarding and food at your home.

A CS-er at a minimum cleans after herself, offers culture exchange opportunities and you are not obliged to offer food unless you wished to.

However when you are a superbly good host, you can’t offer one food to one and not the other. Your CS profile did not state an expectation to make your CS-er work and you don’t feel that it’s rightful to do so when she’s staying with you. The best is to keep the CS-er there for only a short stay.

As the CS-er, it was a very pleasant and comfortable stay and a nice experience being in a luxury farm house. The Help-Xer was a lady in her late 30’s from Finland scuba diving her way around the world funding herself as an instructor as well. How rad is that! It was odd having her minding the house when AkiraSabine(A.S) as the CS-er just relaxed and stepped out exploring and working on the camera.

Nevertheless, thank you Mark for giving A.S the opportunity to see Ashburton and enjoyed your hospitality for 2 nights in Ashburton, South Island.

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