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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What're your gadgets?

Sat, 24/05/2008

It's another lazy weekends which I just didn't feel like going anywhere, meeting anyone. Felt like doing something to kill the boredom. Didn't want to stay in the room any longer. It's damn too hot these days that I can be cooked up in the room with only a ceiling fan.

I looked from corner to corner of the room. Tennis and squash racquets were leaning stealthily against the wall untouched at one and my swimming attires laid out at another(only there a moment ago). Frankly speaking, I'm the proud owner of these gadgets. Swimsuits's bought late last year. Cap's silicone made, not those cheap latex or nylon made that I used to own.
How about accessories a lady should have? Errmm... Bah.. Useless stuffs. Come on, investing in sports gadgets is much more advantageous!
Image002 Image007
Went to the balcony to check out the weather. Looked down to the pool. "Nice... people are swimming leisurely and why am I here? Am I not supposed to be on my mission to fix my fly?" On the other hand, I had a solid reason not to. Do find out why in my next post.
Shifting my focus further....can you locate the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower and Times Square? The weather's no good, it's normally easy to locate on a clear sunny day.


"It's OK to be home today. Tomorrow's gonna be tiring. Tennis game at 7.15 am, then MV for a gadget replacement. My tennis shoes! It's sales time and I should get them now."


The Fitness Diva said...

I have my own collection of sports gadgets too. Other women collect make up, shoes and nail polish. Not me.

I have tennis racquets, balls and bag, soccer ball, kick ball, American football, frisbee, boxing and kickboxing equipment, cones, resistance bands, mats, a trampoline, a BOSU....lol
jump ropes, a step...OMG...I never took the time to list it all!
But being a fitness person (and that being my job too) is part of that. Swimsuits, check! Goggles and cap, check! ;)
However, the tennis stuff, swim gear, frisbee and the balls are just for fun! ;)

I'd die without all my sports stuff!

The Fitness Diva said...

Whoa...I almost forgot! I also have:

Bicycle, roller blades, snowboard boots and gear! lol

I really am fitness crazy! lol

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Wow, a fitness diva indeed! I salute you! You have many more gadgets! Kickboxing , football, snowboard boots, etc. Wow!

Yea, make ups, shoes, hand bags, nail polishes....? Neh... Really nice to know we have the same likings!

Sports gadgets are indeed things I'll invest in especially sports which I take seriously. I'll invest in good quality stuff and read up on ways to extend their useful lifes. From time to time, I'll pay to change the strings and hand replacement grip of my racquest. I'll buy well cushioned shoes separately for court games and walking, sometimes going for branded ones even though I'm not a brand person.

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