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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pre-Travelling is Tough

Do you do exactly what I do before setting off travelling??

I've been scanning webpages after webpages on stays, things to do, transportations, tourist traps, directions, maps, rail routes, general tips on prices, so on and so forth.

Wow..it's indeed tough work. I prefer to print and scan the pages instead. However, definitely gotta control though it's office expense. What I do is only printing essential pages using used papers. Conscientious employee, huh?

Having already grasped and made notes of Thai vocabs, I can be safely assured on the communication side in case people I meet don't speak English. Stay wise, have just booked a budget guesthouse for 2 days extension from the 3 days work purpose.

Will try to explore the Chatuchak Weekend Market, Chao Phraya River boating to Wat Arun for the sunset, MBK Mall for some shopping, people & events sighting, a movie experience as well maybe, and of course genuine Thai street food.

During work purpose, the stay we are to check in would be pretty luxurious with fully furnished studio apartment per person. However, during the extension, my colleague and I would be trying the more adventurous and low cost traveller stays. We agree that we'll be spending most of out time exploring the city instead of staying in the room. Thus, a clean private room with shared bathroom will do the job. I even stayed in a mix dorm(c/w bunk beds) among international backpackers before.

I really salute the long term travellers/backpackers. They're always going to new places and researching ahead while on the move. Fuh... "Can I do that?" I asked myself. I'm starting to imagining myself doing the scanning again and again and again for the next destination. "Maybe...yes...with lotsa practice as I move on, it's gonna be a breeze..and relax, explore as I go..let things flow, loosen up on your plans," I advise myself.

Ok, info is pretty sufficient now. I'll scan through my print-outs at home and prepare our exclusive itinery. Read up on types of tranportation scams and tips to avoid them. Learn the get arounds better from the map, things to look out for at the destinations I'm heading so on and so forth.

Thus, for now... Sawasdee


Johnny Ong said...

somehow many ppl knew abt Chatuchak. hopefully u enjoy yr trip

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Yea, Chatuchak is so huge that I lost my way trying to find the exit. I'm aware that the exits are everywhere around the compound but somehow the crowd and the stalls had kept me lost. I followed the main walkway only to find I was going nowhere after like 20 mins of walking and in the end met up with my friend at the BTS Station 30 mins late.

It was nice... lotsa things to see especially the clothes..tees and pants were so fashionable, it looked like short checked pants for guys were an 'in' thing there. However I didn't go for clothes. I spent my day browsing for backpack..looks like I'm getting serious to jumpstart a backpacking experience. When I finally decided that the first stall offered the lowest price, I couldn't find my way back to it and eventually gave up. Luckily, I got the same price as I went hunting again.

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