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Sunday, November 1, 2009

How HK Shows Off Its Assets

HK is a sky-scraper country. That's for sure. These buildings are always shared in the TVB dramas we watch. During my recent trip, I came to know those are the finance buildings, and that HK is a finance hub, neither an industrial nor an agricultural country. The building which resembles the bamboo plant is actually The Bank Of China Tower.

The Hongkies(also known as Hong Kongers) are very proud of their sky-scrapers that they actually organizes day tours focusing on the architecture on the buildings. The architect would explain the reasons of the achitecture style of each significant buildng around Central at Hong Kong Island. Even their Museum of History tells how HK has emerged from villages to sky-scrapers as well as land reclamation taken place around the coast.

Museum Display

Thus in order to show off the country's pride, they developed the Victoria Peak. Visitors get to go up in a tram and there they have a chance to be higher than the buildings. Besides the sky-scrapers, they could enjoy the sights of ferries and Chinese Junks drifting at the harbour. Kowloon which is located across the harbour and beyond(mainland China) is also part of the sights enjoyed. It was simply amazing I didn't want to leave especially in the evening as the breeze set in and the buildings litted up.

Awed by the peak view

HK is a country which made me feel the importance of water transportation particularly to office workers. Back home, it's just car and sometimes buses and komuter trains. In HK, besides the MTR and buses, day to day life relies on the Star Ferry to get across the Victoria Harbour. The busy harbour and number of ferries told me it's an important transportation for the Kowloon - HK Island route. Besides from the top, if you were in HK, you may also want to enjoy the high rise from the harbour. To add to this, HK tourism has thought up neon light shows at the Harbour every 8pm for 15 minutes(I missed it). There is also a Chinese Junk ride ( Duk LIng ride) offering tourist a view round the coast of HK island. Check out Robert Liu's snapshots here for pictures of his experience on Duk Ling.

Harbour view during the day

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