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Monday, October 26, 2009

Would you like to be a Thai Monk?

It was 6am in the morning as I went downstairs to buy stuffs. Surprisingly, there seemed to be more people than usual near the entrance to my apartment. "You guys're here to receive me?" I couldn't help wondering as I stepped out with dignity. To my dismay, they just walked pass me engrossed with things on hand. How sad.. These green shirts ( yea, neither the supporters of the red nor yellow shirts) were putting up a couch and a coffee table which I was not sure came from where at the pavement.

Fifteen minutes later as I returned to the same spot, a Buddhist monk was seen sitting on it.



That's how high the position of a monk in the Thai society. Even older ladies came near upon seeing the monk to donate and worship. People say the Thais has the highest respect for their King, and secondly the monks, as they are closest to God. (this last phrase is what I reckon myself).

1 comment:

Ken Wooi said...

i dont like to be a thai monk.. =P


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