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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The People's Court

First month in USA in the month of May 2010, Akira had some free time and her kid was in school. So, she checked out what was on the local TV.

"We'd like to sue Mr McBrian, the Managing Director of Power Wash for destruction caused to our house after their service. I'd like to seek a compensation of USD **** for the required repair work."

"The workers weren't meticulous enough with their work and their power wash ruined our blinds among others!!"

"Mr. McBrian, what do you have to say to protect your workers and your company? Is this something to expect after the power wash service rendered to your clients? Did you normally forewarn your customers of potential destruction like this and that your company takes no liability of destructions so as they could take early precautions to safe fragile items at home before your service took off? Could you please briefly explain how the power wash work is carried out?"

"Your Honour, our Power Wash System utilizes high pressure water to remove molds and dirts off surfaces and it is unfortunate that such a minor destruction happened though we would not rule out its possibility. For our work, the water pressure normally ranges from so and so kPA to ensure efficiency."

"We'll be back after a short commercial break.
Will the Stewarts get the compensation they asked for for their loss?
Stay tuned wherever you are!
We shall hear what the judge decides right here at the People's Court!"

On another afternoon, Akira chanced upon another live court scene - The Divorce Court on TV.

~Names used in this blog post are not real but merely created by AkiraSabine~

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