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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

USA: Kids and Exams

One morning when AkiraSabine was getting her kid ready for school.

AkiraSabine:  Ermm.. what's the bathrobe doing here on the chair?

Host mom: Oh, H is going to wear it to school.

AkiraSabine: Wear it to school?

Host mom: Yea, it's the first day of exam and he's going to wear it throughout.

AkiraSabine: Yes, it's the first day of exam but why?

Host Mom: Oh, the school allows them to bring anything they like with them to make them feel good during the exam. They may bring a soft toy, a pillow.. or anything that makes them comfortable having by their side.

AkiraSabine: Ahh... How nice.. I don't know of something like that in Malaysia.

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