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Thursday, May 26, 2011

AP in USA: Entrepreneur Teens

B: Can I mow your lawn for 10 Dollars?
A: OK, come and do it once every 2 weeks. Do you have your own mower?
B: No
A: Alright, you can use mine. Make sure to gather and get rid of the grass and clean the mower after use.

Over the phone...
A: Have you got time tomorrow morning at 11am?
C: Yes, what's up?
A: I'm having my house painted and I need my furniture relocated to the basement. Can you come over to help me out? Bring your brother with you.
C: OK.

Over the phone...
A:  I have a new bed delivered tomorrow at 3pm. Will you be home from school?
C: Yes. What can I help?
A: Can you please set the bed up for me? I also have new window blinds I'd need your help to install.
C: OK.

One evening as A was moving some old furnitures out from the house, D came over from the house across the street.
D: Hey A, you need any help?
A: It's OK.
D: You're painting your house, eh? That's quite a bit of a job. Would you like me to do it for you? I'd do a great job!

Some descriptions about the characters above:-
A: a woman in her 40's 
B: a 4th grader boy at 10 years old
C: a high school boy at 16 years old
D: an elementary school boy at 13 years old
and they all lived in the same neighbourhood

An additional note...
In fact, D distributed flyers around offering his service around the neighbourhood as a do-it-all serviceman.
One could even see his flyers posted up on the mall's community board as well as at the community club house down at the beach of Lake Washington.

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