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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baking Attempt: Cotton Sponge Cake

Given name: Cotton Sponge Cake

Source of recipe: From a blog A.S is a follower of

Attempt: First

Overall sponge cake attempts: countless 

Satisfactory level: 80%

Reason being: Layer separation with cotton egg white portion on top and dense yolk+flour portion sunk to the bottom


1. The yolk+flour portion shouldn't be mixed with mechanical mixer but instead gently by hand? However, having tried doing it by hand before, it wouldn't mix well with white flour lumps in the masterpiece. 

2. Or was it simply due to over-mixing of the yolk+flour portion that caused it to be dense and stiff?

3. Probably because the egg white was too light and thus stayed on top even after mixing into the yolk+flour portion. What about mixing the yolk+flour portion into the white portion, instead of the other way round, so that the yolk took a longer time to sink.

4. Oven temperature should be hot enough to immediately cook the batter before it has any chance to separate? However, she'd set it to the required temperature and this shouldn't be a factor.

Next attempt: Mother's Day (with frosting, perhaps, and pray hard it'd turn out PERFECT!)

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