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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Staying in Hostel Dorms is Always Better

To A.S, travelling is not just bout going sight seeing and taking pics but the overall experience. The best and most memorable ones would be when strange things happen or she met or learnt something from fellow locals or travellers. 

One fine day, on the 6th day of her travel, she was awaken by lights turned on in the middle of the night in her dorm. She heard voices. It was the Kiwi+German couple she earlier spoke to in the earlier chat session with everyone in the dorm. Lights weren't turned on long to disturb A.S who was sleeping on the upper deck.

Bed shook a little as they lie in bed. Then it shook more but she let it be. Shaking went more aggressive and she heard pantings. "Ermm, this sure is not so right!" she thought. "Where the heck they think they were?" Moments later, A.S felt she was riding a horse and the bed frame made small squeaks.

A.S was so nice to ignore and tried to get back to sleep. Riding and whispers and pantings continued. "Can you guys please not shake the bed?" For a split seconds, there were silence then they went out for a little while. "Thank God."

Few minutes past. Door was opened again. Bed started to shake all over again. Whispers and panting and rolling and giggling. Looking at her mobile, it was 4 a.m. A.S conveniently turned on the lights from the upper deck.

"Can you guys please not shake the bed? I can't sleep,"

 Waiting for response.


"OK, now, turn off the lights please," said the guy.

"Sure if you want to sleep and not make so much noise and shaking the bed."

Lights turned off and silence ensued.

The next morning....

A.S climbed down from bed. The lovebird were asleep of course but somehow then the guy said, "Hi".

"Hi, good morning, sweet night eh?" A.S replied.


At 4pm, A.S went back to the dorm to fetch her luggage and you guess it right, lovebird were still cuddling in bed.

"Don't you want a private room with spacious bed?"

"No money." 

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