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Friday, October 7, 2011

Silky Smooth Egg Tarts

When things aren't going your way, think positive and have faith that you're getting close.
Success is sweeter when it doesn't come by easy.
When you think that you can't rely on people, look into what you have and create that opportunity.
People say ask and you shall receive but it's not always the case.
Opportunities doesn't just come by asking.
You've got to prove it!

 - A.S -

Fresh Home Baked Egg Tarts, anyone?

Have I gotten you tempted?

How would you like one for coffee or tea?
Yes, it's a kind of dessert but it's not that sweet. No worries.
It's vegetarian and no, it's not a custard. This is an egg tart. The filling is made from egg and milk.
It's crusty on the outside and silky smooooooth in the inside. Try it and you'll love it!
It's fresh out from the oven!
Smells GOOD, isn't it?

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