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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A.S's Top 20 Must Dos In NZ

A.S has a checklist of must dos in this NZ trip but she has yet figured where exactly to do some of them. It all depends on deals she gets and the list might expand as she finds out more interesting activities on brochures and fellow travellers she crosses paths with. 

Here goes the list as of now with no particular order:-

  1. Sky diving at Taupo

  1. Bungee jumping at Queenstown

  1. Zorbing at Rotorua

  1. Camping in a motorhome at one of the National Parks in the South Island

  1. Doing the 7hrs Tongariro Alpine Crossing at the Tongariro National Park

  1. Experience the dairy farm life and try her hands on milking the cows

  1. Kiwis/ Cherries/ Berries/ Nectarines picking or packing because they’re YUMMY!

  1. Sheep shearing experience

  1. Swimming with the dolphins if there’s such a thing

  1. Sighting blue penguins and kiwi birds

  1. Whale watching at Kaikoura

  1. Trying the Maori ‘Hangi’ Meal at Rotorua

  1. Visiting live volcanoes in Rotorua and soaking in the geothermal pools

  1. Skiing experience - DONE at Snow Planet, an indoor skiing centre at north of Auckland

  1. Surfing experience at one of the many beaches, probably Raglan

  1. Hitchhiking experience – DONE

  1. Abseiling at the Waitomo Caves

  1. Improving tennis skills – IN PROGRESS

  1. Visiting the local Toastmaster Clubs – IN PROGRESS

  1. Car Transfer at the more scenic South Island ( it gives an opportunity to drive and explore NZ without buying a car)

Do you have anything to add to her list?
Do you know of the best place/ best deal to do what she’s planning to do above?
Do you feel like A.S needs to clarify some unfamiliar words above?
Do you want to know why some of the activities above are in her list?

Go ahead! You’re most welcome to speak up at the ‘sharings’ link below.

Calves... "MMMOOOooooooo..........."

A.S stumbled and fell so many times that she would kill anyone who recorded it.
TIP learnt: Keep the skis in this /\ shape in order to slow your speed down.

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