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Friday, December 2, 2011

NZ: Waitomo Caving Adventures

Waitomo in New Zealand is renowned for adventurous caving adventures which to A.S was something new as she had never tried abseiling into caves. The glow worms were another attraction she had to check out.

Back home in Malaysia, cave are more of tunnels through huge hills or mountains. However, she was marvelled with the caves here in Waitomo. She was driven around the iconic green countryside of NZ before eventually entering one of the farm. She would not have guessed that underneath the pastures where the sheep and cows were grazing, there laid a network of water gushing underground caves with amazing glow worms!!!

This video was recorded as she left the property after the adventure!!
 "Bye, cave! I had a good time!!!"
"Bye sheeps, you are so lucky to live in one of the most amazing place in the world! 
Do you know that?!"

Credits to Waitomo Adventures for this powerful marketing tool
which got A.S signed up and did this 2 weeks back. 

The adventure was cool as!! It surpassed A.S's expectations and yes, dear thrill seeking mates out there, you should not miss this! The operators were so friendly and funny and oh, has A.S told you that they could be as skilled as Spiderman climbing up effortlessly the somewhat smooth cave walls. 

There were spots where she had to abseil down uneven cave-in walls with chilly water pouring over  her. Then, there was also a spot where she was asked to turn off her headlamp, hands on her helmet and let go off the rope to find herself falling into a pool of dark freezing water underneath. Brrrr!!!

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