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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Tennis is Cool!

This is what A.S does when she’d like to see some sexy energy with flair. Just look at how the energy is transferred from the entire body to the arms to the ball. Listen to the sound of the hit, the best sound comes from the sweet spot of the racquet. Look at how deft they run and go before the ball so effortlessly. Look at how the legs, arms and body coordination. Look at how powerful the follow through swing is that brings the ball across in light speed. Look at the service, especially, on how the energy is transferred from the bending of the knees, up to the body, then to the arms and racquet, to the ball and across the net at 260km/hr! Look at how the opponent has to stretch, block, and reduce the speed tremendously as he keeps the ball low in the return.

Someday, yes, someday, A.S could play like that. That’s for sure. She believes, when she sets her mind for something, she’d be able to do it!’ It’s left for the work of the subconscious mind. Also, practice, practice, and more practices. Any skills without practice are equivalent to zero. Theories mean nothing unless practiced and polished.

When she was in Hamilton, NZ, she managed to join her local Kiwi aunts playing every Wednesday morning. She’d have to say they were good and she had to struggle to keep up with them. Her weaknesses revolved mainly on controlling the face of her racquet, controlling the speed of the ball, game tactics, speed on the court, and consistency of hit.

Lots of practices required which would keep her busy when she returns. One thing she wishes to see in Malaysia is to make tennis courts more available instead of just at posh condos, club houses or institutions. It should not appear to be a sport for the rich and classy, but a sport which is just as common as badminton, of which courts are as easily available in neighbourhoods.

The energy of the game is just so infectious, don't you reckon so?


fufu said...

tennis?? i prefer badminton :)

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

No, tennis is cooler!!! ;P

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