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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mystical Rotorua

The impressions of Rotorua City Centre to A.S, all compiled into a video below. Enjoy!

The experience you're missing from this video would be the smell as you enter this mystical city and the feel of steam blown to your face. The weather had not been good when A.S was there in early Dec '11. So, it's good that you enjoy this as you stay warm and dry indoor.

The 'Haka' is a Maori traditional performance which if you were a big fan of the recent Rugby World Cup '11 (RWC), you may have noticed that the All Blacks performed this everytime before the game started. In a way, they tried to intimidate their opponents as how Maoris used to intimidate their enemies with this performance back then.

Rotorua is a city which has very strong Maori presence. The Green Lake which is one of the 16 around in Rotorua is considered a sacred lake to them and thus, any form of water activity is prohibited there. Situated at an active volcanic region, the underground steam is used to keep houses warm, to prepare 'Hangi' as well as providing the luxury of having natural hot pools at homes.

*A.S's current location*
Day/ Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2012
- At the west coast of South Island, NZ at Greymouth. Will be heading south later to Hokitika which is only 30 mins drive from here. Was invited to join the locals for Toastmasters meeting here last evening and later at Hokitika which she gladly accepted. She had been part of the meetings in Hamilton, North Island. Tomorrow, the journey continues to Fox Glacier.

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fufu said...

wow...cool didnt know about haka lol

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Yeap!! You're right!! It's cool!! ;DD

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