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Monday, May 14, 2012

Travelling Stress!

Opps, it looks like this blog hasn't been updated for a while now. 

"Many apologies, mates!"  A.S gives everyone a holler.

Where did she stop? 
Ah.. on her experience Sky Diving and Bungy.. nope she didn't do Bungy, remember, it was Cliffhanger Swing. 

There're so much more she wants to talk about.
You might ask, "What? Tell us then."
Right, first of all, so far she's only covered the North Island. In fact, she hasn't told you about Napier, The Great Walk - Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Wellington. THEN, the south island adventure begins with much more breathtaking pics and many other walks, not to forget also the funny dolphins and penguins encounter.

"Right, what's been keeping you silent then, blurt them out!" you may wonder. 

Psstt.... A.S will be heading to the airport tonight. 


Yes, she's there to drop someone off.
NOOOO!!.. she's there to pick someone up.

The truth is ... she's going to be dropped off.

"Where next?"

Argentina!!! Nope.. she's not gutsy enough for Argentina as of now. Of course she wants to see the massive waterfalls and glaciers but, but... nope, not with having just picked up Spanish.  After all, it's entering winter now and daylight would be cut short. Not something she looks forward to in her travels.

So, you might have guessed it right. It's Spain. Not so much of the place but for a totally different culture to NZ and it's relatively safer to Argentina. One of the things A.S learns from her endless read up is that Spaniards never sleep, but A.S sleeps. She is still in tune with the NZ sleeping time at 11pm or maybe her personal Malaysian time at 1 a.m That's why, Spaniards have this siesta(mid-day nap) after lunch. Another good thing is, in Europe, she can still escape the Spanish speaking nation into German speaking ones in Germany and Austria. It's always fulfilling to try out how far people understand her with the language. 

Oh no.. what she foresees now is.. more pictures to come, more stories to tell but a whole lot still untold... YET! STRESS! 


Yea, why stress. Come on A.S,  this is not work. 

And now... off to do her final packing again, and clearing the rubbish dump look-alike room she's been sleeping in for the past 2 months. Someone will nag if she didn't.

*A.S's current location*
Day/ Date: Mon/ May 14th, 2012

-A.S has been back in KL, Malaysia for about 2  months now. She admits she has a lot to catch up on her blog updates. Burdened with lots of thoughts, plans and to-dos, she'll still try her very best to keep this blog alive. Thank you so much for keeping up with her delays.

A.S appreciates you as an audience to her blog. It keeps her contented knowing she's not writing for herself. She welcomes you to drop in more often, share your thoughts and interact with her here at cyberspace. The posts may be a little behind but she promises to close the gap as much as she can, as she gets limited internet access and the time to update.

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Terence said...

Very interesting information.

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Thanks for dropping by, Terrence and for the comment too! I hope you've enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon!


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