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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taupo: Cliffhanger Swing and Sky Diving

News Updates from BBC (Backstreet Broadcasting Corporation)

Andrea: Here we are now at Taupo. We know that a lot of visitors who come here will definitely not miss out on the extreme activities. Right now our reporters are spread all over Taupo to find out the stories. Without further delay, let's first head off to the Taupo Bungy Jump area. Over to you, Mike.

Mike: Thanks, Andrea. Alright, I'm here right now standing on the platform of Taupo Bungy. Jumping.("AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA"). OK, that won't be the only time you're hearing this. I've been standing here for just 10 minutes and I've heard worse screams. Now, I have here Ms. A.S with me and she had just had her turn. Tell us about your experience doing the bungy jump. Was this your first time?

A.S: Oh no, I didn't do the bungy but the Cliffhanger Swing. It was terrifying! Oh my God, my heart is still beating fast. But then again, the terrifying part was only when I was first released and went high speed free falling. That lady's so bad. She was asking a question and before I even got to answer, she let me off! That was freaking nerve wrecking! I was screaming aalllll the way down. But then again, after that free fall, it felt like I was swinging at a high level and it was awesome swinging and absorbing the spectacular view from where I was. ("AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA") The water's so clear and blue. I would not mind diving and swimming in it, actually! *GRINS*

Mike: Will you do it again? Perhaps, the bungy jump this time?

A.S: Yes, I definitely will. I wish I could stay swinging there forever. *GRINS* Bungy..*HESITATING* Well, I'm not sure if I've the gut for that. That's like free falling aaalllll the way down and I'm not sure how strong my ankles are in order to support my body weight. I still prefer the Swing, I get to enjoy the view better.

Mike: Awesome. I'm glad  you enjoyed yourself. That must be a lifetime experience, aye! Back to you, Andrea.

Andrea: Thanks, Mike. We take a break now and when we come back, let's hop over to the sky diving site for another upclose report.

*COMMERCIAL BREAK* Have a break, Have a Kit Kat.

Darren: Hi guys! Now, I'm over here at Taupo Tandem Skydiving. Guess what, here I have A.S again!!! Apparently, she's just landed and she's all smiles!! Tell us about it!

A.S: Awesome, AWESOME, AweSOME! I want to do it again! It wasn't scary at all! I felt much safer as compared to the Swing earlier. Yes, there was also a free fall in this before the parachute was launched open  but since I had the girl strapped so close behind me, I felt extremely safe. Again, the views, how spectacular,. We had clear weather. The views...WOW! green pastures, blue lake, floating cloud puffs. WOW! I was enjoying the view aaallll the way down and we even did a 360 degrees flip to look around too. Nice, nice, NICE I wish it was longer!!

Darren: She said not scary at all. I guess she's right. Look  at that girl over there, she's all smiles too and she's jumping excitedly. Hey, you guys out there, if you're coming to NZ, give it a try and you'll know it for yourself. It's all fun and views, says our mate here. Well, thanks again, A.S, and I'm glad you had one of the best day in you life.

A.S: Thanks. I'm glad too, Darren!! If only I could do 7 times a day like the masters, but it's alright. Yay! *Both thumbs up*

Mike: Look, A.S is smiling at us! She has not realized 
what was awaiting!

Say "Cheese!!!"

Mike: Let's check out how others performed
in their Cliffhanger Swings!
This video is courtesy of 

Darren: Mike, you only have one video to share? How about checking out sky diving videos I've gathered here.

Thank you very much and A.S hopes you enjoy your stay here. ;)

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redlomo said...

wow.. look so extream.... but fun

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Redlomo,

Please accept my apology on the late reply to your comment. I really do appreciate your comment and please do keep them coming!

Indeed, do it when you´re there in NZ or anywhere which presents you the opportunity! ,)

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