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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pathetic, I know

It was a Saturday. I'm stucked up. I'm stucked up by myself away from home. I woke up with my laptop next to me. Switched it on, surfed the net. Time passes me by..

I was here yesterday in the room, surfing from webpage to webpage as I desired. Reading up on travel blogs to NZ, taking a video peek of how it looks like driving on NZ streets, caught up with a friend at IM. Then, I thought, I'was not to spend my weekends without a plan. I've got too much in mind, too much to organize, too much to do before my next working trip to BKK. I even brought a big pile of work docs home. Well, I penned a long list of to-dos which also includes a workout in the pool and a practice on my tennis service. Well, i definitely have missed the service for I planned to do it before sunrise today.

It's fine if I'm stucked up without going out the whole day. However, it sucks to be only confining myself in the room without the availability of a working desk, without the familiar voice at home and without food being served..no..I don't fancy the regular rice&dish, should say without even the constant supply of fruits all cut nicely in the fridge.

On the other hand, it means lotsa freedom, no constant nagging, no asking to 'eat, eat, eat' as if I'm not fat enough. I have total freedom to eat what I want, when I want without having to oblige anybody.

AkiraSabine's Saturday accompaniments as follows:-

Image008 Image004 Image005
In my quest to my weight target by year end.

Image009 Image010
A book I rented just last Monday in case my neighbour does not keep his wifi on.


Unknown said...

hahaha... very resourceful! you use your neighbors wifi connection. cool!

listen to the rain said...

Did you steal the wifi? :)

Tell me about the "nagging". But sometimes I do miss it when I'm away from home for too long..

But when I get home and Mom starts to nag, I just shut down... And my eyes are trained explicitly on her lips, willing her to zip it sooner rather than later. :P

Hey, enjoying food is fine. Just don't everdo it. And don't overdo the dieting as well!! :D

soo jin said...

hey i agreed with you ! i think constant nagging is destructive !

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

The dong,

Yea man. hahahha!


Good things must be shared. hahahah. It so happened one of my housemate got the password in his attempts. Kinda easy though,12345677890. shshshshh Agree?

Wow...i'm imagining you staring at your mom's lips. ahhaha

Thanks for the advice, Lizzie. Agree with you!

Soo Jin,

Hi there, thanks for dropping in. Yea, ~cheers~!

AdolescentFrog said...

ehhh... such a nice neighbour you got xD

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Without his knowledge. haha
I x even know where the source comes from and neither do I know who that fella is. hahaa

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