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Friday, November 21, 2008

Take A Ride With Me

"Woo hooo...wow aaw...where are we heading , crossing the street? Woo... I see trees and bushes ahead of me. We are not going into the jungle, are we?" I thought to myself. The afternoon heat was penetrating my skin. Normally, I would immediately make use of an umbrella but now I couldn't be bothered with it although I was provided with one. My hands were too busy. "How should I capture this experience?" I asked myself.

At the background, this young guy in front of me wasn't silent. I couldn't figure out what he said as he was speaking in Thai. I even suspected he spoke some Jumbo language. This guy(they call the mahout) didn't seem to be happy with how his pet was following instructions. That's why the non-stop reprimanding. We went up a slope, went down it, back across the street and into the river and up. Then, I had the experience of riding off the chair to right behind the head which luckily the hair was removed. Take notice of the hair in my video below. I gave gentle kicks to the back of its ears but he sure didn't gave in to my command.



Johnny Ong said...

haha elephant hair ..... it's so strong and poky

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Johnny,

Yeah, you bet! LoL

listen to the rain said...

hahaha.. wah, so cool.. :)

Wei-Yann said...

Hey thanks for sharing the video,syok sial!:) I wonder...if it stops to take poo-poo breaks like when you go for a horse ride. Hahaha.

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Lizzie,

Yea, indeed. hahah


Thanks for dropping in! Fortunately it didn't when I was riding it. However, along the ride..I saw damn lot of poos on the ground and was praying it wouldn't step on them. Thank God it didn't.

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