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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wats Aside in Thailand

Hi all, I've returned from Thailand exactly last week. Sharing with you my adventure during my supposing working trip.
Here I am in a passenger truck having just arrived at Kanchanaburi town. The express bus from Bangkok took 2.5 hrs to this western province of Thailand.

The Maenam Kwae (River Kwai) Street with the most guesthouses in town. Besides that, along this street, you'll find convenience stores, local tour centres, internet cafes, bars and vehicle rental stores.

The Maenam Kwae where floating rafhouses and restaurants flock. Besides that, water activities such as the bamboo rafting, kayaking and elephant bathing takes place here. This picture was taken when I was on the bamboo raft. Encouraged to swim but I doubt the cleanliness. Looks kinda clear here though.

The bridge over the River Kwai near town. It's no ordinary bridge as it was built during the WWII when the Japanese invaded Thailand. Many prisoners and forced labourers died building this bridge. Before I went, I thought the history aside, nothing else spectacular about it but you've got to watch the video below.

Looks dangerous right, walking on the rail and sparing planks over the river and now there's a train on it. "What if someone is still on the railway track?" A fellow local traveller whom I spoke to told me the train stops. I see.....


Eugene Wong said...

That is 死亡铁路 right?
It is link to Burma, right?

I went nearby there also this year.
Not sure you hear about 吉祥岛?
When you pass by the river, you can actually see that temple on top of the hill.

A nice place for meditation.

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Eugene,

Yeap, this place is near the Burmese border. Cool, you've been there too! Yeap, I can't read Chinese well but I recognize one of it is Death. Yes, that's the Death Railway.

Meditation, yeah... the traveller I spoke to actually just came down from a few days' meditation on one of the mountain.

listen to the rain said...


Train stops for the people? Let's see if the Komuter here can do that.. Every passenger in the train will be flying. Hahaha

Err.. Did you say it's called Death Railway? Oh My!

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Haha, Lizzie... Agree with you...

Yea, that's called The Death Railway..guess not so much to say bout it being dangerous but coz many died building it, if I got it correctly la.. coz i didn't really stop and read the written boards.

I will post further on this trip and you'll find another mortal name. haha...This place is really famous with these names.

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