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Sunday, August 1, 2010

As a Kid in USA

My 10 year old kiddo: Soccer ball, guitars with amplifier, Wii, dozens of board games, tennis racquet, swimming gears, airsoft guns, bullet guns, rifles, gameboy, etc.

My kiddo's 8 year old cousin: Soccer ball, basketball pole,  XBox, PS2, guitar with amplifier, keyboard, creative toys, inflated pool, TV in bedroom, etc..

Observation of our neighbours: basketball poles, skateboards, scooters, and probably many other cool stuffs in the house.

School's summer break:

About 3 months and summer break is not the only break throughout the school year.

A typical schedule during school days:

9 till 3.45 pm      : at school
4 till 4.30 pm      : homeworks
4.30 till 7.30 pm : playtime outside with neighbours/ friends
7.30 till 9.30pm : dinner, shower, read and sleep

 Weekends schedule:

Play the whole day or go out for movies with eventual possible sleepover at friend's house.

Now, Akira wishes to turn back time and grow up as a kid here...

 While waiting to pick up kiddo and friends outside the cinema, Akira was happy to discover this.


sis said...

Only 30 minutes to complete homework?? That's soooooooo little homework!!

Akira said...

Yeap, very lil and Fridays are no homework day. School homeworks are given out as handouts and not work books. Kiddon can easily get those homework done in less than 30 mins unless he procrastinates and that's when I feel like killing him.. arghh.. lol

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