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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Freestyle Flip Turn

Akira has been watching her kiddo and the swim team a lot during their practices and summer swim meets. Those many events inspire her to pick up doing the freestyle flip turn.
Hours ago was another opportunity she had with her kiddo down at the pool trying it out and he assessing.

"Nope, you're tooooo close to the wall!"
"Nope, keep your body straight"
"Your body curved down!"
"Your legs were kicking out of the water"
"Watch me, I'll do it  s l o w l y  for you."

Finally, Akira said...
"Enough for today. I'm getting drowsy!" 

Akira is scrutinizing every step on how the flip turn is done and promise herself to try it over and over again at the pool.

"I can do it! That's for sure!"


Ken Wooi said...

swimming is always fun.. but i only know a little of breaststroke =)

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Ken, yeap and I still love it best. The best stroke for a relaxing swim!

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