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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle

Backdated in June 2010...

AkiraSabine(AS) was actually here at the Northwest Folklife Festival as she was writing this. From where she was, she could hear drum plates being hit with a rhythm not far away. Next to her, a group was playing a mixture of Indian + Middle Eastern rhythm with his special guitar and a lady singing some songs to it. In front of her sat a couple watching some youth skate boarding in the designated rink. She could smell the tantalizing food aroma lingering in the air with some curry spices form nearby food stands.

It's been a very eye opening day to be among the crowd checking out this festival. It's a HUGE turnout with all kinds of street and stage performances, participatory dances and  instruments workshops and all kinds of unfamiliar free hugs and some petition to get support to legalize Marijuana. Hmm!

The Space Needle - landmark of Seattle Downtown

Hula Hoop OOooOO La LA

Rain defying audience! Seattleittes have long agreed with the country song - Rain Is A Good Thing!

Participatory folk dance

AS sat here and they came sitting next to her and started playing a random rhythm

                              AS likes this! You too?



fufu said...

nice and special festival :)

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Yeap Fufu,

Indeed, it is indeed!
Thanks for dropping in!

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