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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baking and Frosting Attempt

Given Name    : Nuttie Fruittie Soft Pillow

Type          : Soft sponge cake with fruits topping

Award         : 2011's Yummilicious Cake Of The Year 

Developer     : AkiraSabine (A.S)

Attempt       : Numero Uno

Materials    : Ingredients for baking a sponge cake, whipping cream, icing sugar, fruits wedges, chopped nuts, orange zests, unlimited flow of creativity.

Verdict     : The developer thought the cake was below her expectation of the very best cake. However, the bursting flavour from the zests, nuts, whipped cream and fruit juices was SO GOOD!

Future attempts: Drop the idea of beating the whole eggs together even though few eggs did not separate as wished - yolk from the white. YES! The temptation is to not question your skill but the eggs, of course! *wink* When this happens...STOP! DO NOT PROCEED! Make sure all the eggs are fully separated as per requested in the recipe before moving to the next step - beating them separately. The well beaten egg whites play an important role in the resulting light texture of the masterpiece.

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