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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baking Attempt: Cotton Sponge Cake Again

Given name: Cotton Sponge Cake

Source of recipe: From a blog A.S is a follower of

Attempt: Second, this was the first

Overall sponge cake attempt: Countless

Satisfactory level: 99.9999%

Reason being: No layers of separation at all between the egg white and yolk portion! It was unbelievably uniform with the taste SO GOOD, MOIST and SOFT, just like baked cheesecake! The AMAZING thing is that there WASN'T any cheese in it AT ALL!!!

Things done differently compared to last:

1. The 'clever' reduction of liquid which was milk and oil in this recipe. YEA, what a genius when adherence to measurements is so crucial in cake baking!

2. The egg white portion was beaten to the extent that when the bowl was turned up-side down, it DIDN'T FALL off. 

3. The total sugar content was divided and added into both the egg white mixture and yolk mixture respectively. Therefore, if and only if separation occured, the cake wouldn't have a sweet layer of egg white on top and non-sweet yolk layer at the bottom.

4. Flour was added to the yolk mechanically instead of manually folded in for even distribution as well as to avoid getting flour lumps.

5. Quarter of the flour was last mixed in during the combination of the egg white + egg yolk mixture so as to reduce the density of the egg yolk mixture. In another word, the density gap between the 2 mixtures was reduced. Again, this was an effort to avoid separation.

6. The oven was preheated to 180 degree Celcius(not even a celcius less) and not worry about getting the surface burnt from the oven upper coil. It's critical to get the mixture cooked and set before it has time to separate.


Denver Car Accident Attorneys said...

I haven't tried this baking recipe, but it looks delicious. I will give it a try. =)

fufu said...

u can bake?? great!!

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Denver Car Accident Attorneys,

Sure, give it a try! This is the best sponge cake recipe I've tried so far from numerous site. It's sure to keep and with more attempts to come! ;)

Hi fufu ,

I do enjoy baking very much. I'm sure you could bake just as well!! It's very fulfilling to enjoy the fruit of our labour when it turned out just the way we wanted it right?

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