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Friday, April 20, 2012

Taupo: A.S's Top 5 Free Things To Do

1. Huka Falls
    A.S highly recommends this walk along the mighty Waikato River. There's no reason one doesn't like it. She could not help marvelling over how amazingly blue the water was as she listened to the thunderous sound of the falls. There are jet boat activities at this falls. It was also along this walk to the falls that she heard screams. 

2. Hot Pool
    The Spa Park Hot pools can be found along the Waikato River too as you walk from the town centre to the Huka Falls. It's a nice park with picnic tables and what's special about this park is there's a hot pool at one corner of the otherwise cold river water where you can dip in. Choose the spot with the temperature that suits you best. Go in the morning or evening if you'd like to stay away from the crowd. However, the weather can sometimes be cold in these hours. 

3. Aratiatia Rapids
    This is at the end of the river walk where you arrive at a hydro dam. The dam gate opens every 10am, 12noon, 2pm and 4pm in summer and 10am, 12noon and 2pm in winter. A.S has earlier posted a video of the rapids which you might want to check out. The water flows from Lake Taupo northwest into the ocean at Port Waikato.

4. Lake Taupo  
    Lake Taupo was the only attraction A.S knew about Taupo before she arrived. Thus, it was one of the first thing she looked out for when she arrived. It was not difficult to locate this renown NZ's largest lake as she walked down the slope and saw it there, serene and inviting. Thus, it's by no surprise popular among locals and visitors alike. You can watch people wind surfing, kayaking and sailing in the water. A.S did a walk along the track at the waterfront and also took the opportunity to swim in the lake. Coolness!

5. Mount Tauhara
    This mountain is located about 20 minutes' drive along the highway in the direction of Napier. First half of the hike is a farmland  filled with cattle. Be cautious and watch where you land your feet on a farmland like this. Just watch your way as you watch your destination - the peak. You would not regret the hike as it was awesome. NZ has many of these to offer and this was one of the best A.S have seen. Another reason is there were no crowds. Stay right there. Enjoy your well deserved nibbles. Look out far and beyond. Listen and feel the breeze as it sweeps your face and dry your clothes.

5 is not enough? Here are more free things to do in Taupo.

Yes, you will definitely see the lake on your way to the next town.

The first half of hiking Mount Tauhara.

Come, sit with her. Enjoy some nibbles. Listen and feel the breeze.
Maybe some of you would enjoy the tan too.

Too hot after coming down from the mountain?
Join her splish splashing in the freezing cold water.

Wanna stay dry? Join her for a separate walk along the waterfront.
Watch the flocks of different birds cruising across the tranquil water.

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