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Friday, September 19, 2008

5 Reasons Why A Working Holiday Appeals to Me

1. Longer stay abroad
Unlike most holiday trips, this program allows me to stay for more than 30 days in a foreign country. I will be able to take things slowly absorbing my new environment.

2. Elligibility to work
What's more I'm allowed to work to fund this holiday. That also means I am able to keep my travelling costs to a minimum. I will be earning and spending there without affect much of my savings back home.

3. Opportunity to experience a different lifestyle
I'll be able to understand the culture and way of life of the locals by being a part of the working people, also a part of the community where I stay. I will get to learn the working culture, the eating habit, the pastimes, the norms... etc.

4. Opportunity to interact with people from all over the world
Besides the locals, there will be lots of other Working Holiday Maker s(WHM) I'm going to meet & work together with. We'll be a community of holiday makers at a foreign land.

5. Self discovery
I also consider this as an opportunity to discover more about myself. How far I can go by myself. How good I mix around and interact with new people. How well i manage and organize mysel on my own during adverse situations.


Johnny Ong said...

item 5 - if u can find ways to venture, go ahead

Akira said...

Yea, thanks there!

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