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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Requirements of a Working Holiday Scheme

I'm not sure if any of you know about a Working Holiday. This leads to the purpose of this post. A working holiday basically is work+holiday scheme. *NONSENSE* LoL. Ok, I'm not good at providing informations but I'll let you know what I gather about it.

A working holiday is a scheme

a) catering to youths within the age of 18-30

b) unlike other holidays abroad, you are allowed to work to fund your holiday under this scheme

c) you may stay for a longer time at that particular country, exp. a max of 6 months in NZ, or 2 years in UK. This may vary according to mutual agreement of these countries with your own.

d) you must be single and have no dependants

e) you have a proof of sufficient financial support for your first week there and a flight ticket to return to your home country.

f) As I understand, to be qualified for UK's Working Holiday, the applicant will have to show proofs of their plans in UK. Basically, he/she has to assure them that their primary purpose in UK is to travel and not to work.

Links to more info on:-

Working Holiday NZ

Working Holiday UK

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bestlifelessons said...

Hello,your blog is very beautiful.
This looks very interesting and do want to spend some time looking it over.

The Fitness Diva said...

Sounds like some of those "volunteer abroad" emails that I get.

The thing is, if I have to pay for my ticket, and then pay for the program,
not get paid for working for X amount of time, then how am I gonna pay my bills back home?

I guess I would do it if I were rich!
This thing you mention at least pays you a little $$$...

Johnny Ong said...

heard abt this arrangement and proper planning will bring u ard not only england but the whole of europe

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Bestlifelessons,
Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, read up more about it at the links provided to see if it really appeals to you.

Hi Fitness Diva,

Yea, nice to see you around again. Yea, there are volunteer abroad programs but I would stand by you if this is one. I wouldn't go for one without pay and yet I've gotta pay to enrol in the program. I'm not that generous. This is why working holidays appeals to me as it sounds like I'm working in order to fund my travels. To me, it's like somewhat a funded trip to me with a minimum initial payment. What I need to do is just pay for the visa application fees and buy my return tickets and of course bring some money/credit card in time of needs there.

Maybe the only thing different here is I've got no bills to worry about for the moment. That is why, it's all the more pushing me to do it NOW before I start having bills rolling in and other life commitments to worry about.

Hi there Johnny,

Yea..it needs a lot of time managemet to juggle between work and time off to travel. Lotsa research too on accomodations and transportations and looking for a job, that's for sure.

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