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Monday, September 15, 2008

Going for a Working Holiday. Then what?

I have a dream. I dream of myself going on a working holiday. I'm not sure if it's meant for me but I would love to give it a try while I'm still qualified. For Malaysians, we only have the UK Working Holidays (2 years) and NZ Working Holidays (6 months). The memorandum with Aus is likely to materialize soon. Yay, 3 options soon.

OK, back to this. It's been in my thought since I graduated from uni mid last year. However, I've decided to work and get the feel of working life before I set off on my own. Not to say I'm ready now, but I'm not sure if I'll feel like leaving when I'm midway up the corporate ladder. This ques keeps bouncing back to me. What will I do when I return from this 2-3 years nomading abroad? Will it be a problem to join the workforce then, as a 'not so fresh anymore grad' with limited working experience?

As a beginner to blogging, I learn that one can monetize it. I can't stop wondering how this is done. How can one reach a point where they get 20,000 unique visitor to his site. I'm talking about Kenny Sia. No, he didn't tell me that. I once read about an interview with him on the local paper. It was written by NicoleKiss. Now, this girl. She's the same age as me but I've already considered her as my role model. I hope to do what's she's doing now. She's the best living proof for a Malaysian like me. Why? Because she's globetrotting while her blog generates money .Don't get me wrong, it's not that she totally abandons her blog while the money keeps coming in. She has to log in and continue writing on the go for sure. I've been following her blog for a while now and I'm still figuring out how she manages to garner and hook her readers and how exactly she earns from it.

It's a lot of research to be done, reading up on success stories, tips, trying out myself, thinking about life again, etc. Some people call this 'Mid Twenties Crisis'.

I'm curious, how do you really earn from your ads and which would you recommend most?

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